Tarun Khanna

The writer is Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business School, and director, South Asia Institute, Harvard University, US

Articles By Tarun Khanna

Mentoring young India

Tinkering Laboratories — Niti Aayog-promoted open-innovation workspaces in high schools — has the potential to ignite entrepreneurship from below

A change called NeHA

The proposed National e-Health Authority, which will oversee digitisation of health information, could launch a digital health revolution in India. But safeguards need to be in place to protect patients’ privacy.

Essential start-up lessons

Risk taking, experimentation and teamwork must also infect government machinery.

Fail and pass: Why Modi must take a cue from Li’s rhetoric

Acceptance of failure must accompany all risk-taking and entrepreneurship. It is generally absent in India.

Beware the hierarchy

It is not intrinsically bad. But it forms a cocoon that ‘protects’ those on top from new ideas.

If Ebola comes to India

The current Indian government strategy focuses primarily on government hospitals to contain and manage Ebola