T.S.R. Subramanian

The writer, a former cabinet secretary, headed the high-level committee to review environmental laws

Articles By T.S.R. Subramanian

The hungry nation

Global Hunger Index offers a needed reality check for India’s big power aspirations.

Country of a chosen few

Thomas Piketty points to the widening income disparities that have accompanied economic growth in India, which endanger social stability

Not for the children

Our educational system seems tailored for its administrators. Students, teachers take second place. The main problem, as in other fields, is the abysmal quality of governance, with politics permeating every aspect of educational administration.

Don’t join the debate

Demonetisation is the prerogative of the executive. The Supreme Court should let it be

To catch a thief

Who wants the Prevention of Corruption Act amended, and why, is the question.

Why A Referendum?

Has AAP thought through its promise of a plebiscite on full statehood for Delhi?

Belling the mice

Addressing administrative corruption is the easy part. Policy corruption is more difficult to tackle.

The buck stops where?

While violation of approved conditions is rampant, enforcement of environmental laws is abysmally poor.