T.P. Sreenivasan

The author, a former ambassador, is vice-chairman and executive head of the Kerala State Higher Education Council.

Articles By T.P. Sreenivasan

His voyage to America

By reaching out to US, PM Modi maintains continuity. What is new is US willingness to tango with India

India should prepare its cadre for the blue economy

It is time to start training a diplomatic cadre to operationalise 'blue diplomacy'.

Open Doors, Broken Walls

Foreign policymaking benefits from diverse inputs. But lateral entry is avoidable.

Far from the horseshoe table

Despite US support, permanent Security Council membership may prove elusive.

Countries in arms

The focus has shifted from the nuclear liability act and trade issues to Javelin missiles and Apache helicopters.

Out of the blackboard age

We must catch up with the global revolution in education.

This way to Delhi

A new government is in place and the world is taking note.

More continuity, less change

Why the overall framework of foreign policy will be hard to alter.

Facing the future

However symbolic,the Geneva agreement fosters a climate for conciliation.

The empty gesture

On Sri Lanka,electoral considerations trumped diplomacy.

Hopes of autumn

From Syria to US-Iran,signs of a thaw.

Dialogue in search of consensus

For the moment,India’s government must manage,not promote,ties with Pakistan.

The price of reticence

In diplomacy,Delhi speaks too softly,doesn’t carry a stick

Asia’s strategic triangle

The PM’s visit to Japan sent the right signals to China

The new Kremlinology

China’s reputation for inscrutability serves it well in all its actions

Berlin accord

The free trade agreement isn’t yet done,but India-EU ties are robust