Syed Badrul Ahsan

Ahsan is a senior journalist based in Bangladesh, and author of ‘Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: From Rebel to Founding Father’

Articles By Syed Badrul Ahsan

In Dhaka, winter is coming

Despite its economic successes, Sheikh Hasina government faces political and social challenges as Bangladesh general elections approach

In Dhaka, return of a spectre

The murder of Shahjahan Bachchhu pierces the complacency that had set in with regard to the terrorism challenge, as Bangladesh braces for political turbulence ahead of polls.

Letting Down A Friend

Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s statements have raised questions, caused dismay in Bangladesh

The solitary prisoner

Incarceration of Begum Khaleda Zia closes a chapter in Bangladesh politics. And opens a new one

An Injudicious Wrangle

Political attacks on Chief Justice of Bangladesh Supreme Court set a bad precedent.

Dhaka’s Rohingya dilemma

Bangladesh’s people and government feel morally pressured to take in the refugees. Hard realities, though, make it difficult.

In denial in Dhaka

Friday's events expose Bangladesh government's refusal to recognise the presence of Islamist terror in the country.

Fear and loathing in Dhaka

Despite increasing attacks by Islamist militants, Sheikh Hasina’s government fails to act. Lack of a credible, viable opposition in parliament makes people’s despondency deeper.

Embattled Desh

The spate of murders by Islamists in Bangladesh takes place amid a failing politics.

Two Executions

For many Bangladeshis, they hint at closure for 1971.

In search of the enemy

The violent conflict that has undermined social order in Iraq and Pakistan would not, we have consistently informed ourselves, touch us.

Seven Decades Later

Exchange of enclaves crowns an optimistic turn in Bangladesh’s political journey.

Delhi To Dhaka, With Hope

Land boundary agreement ratified, more good news could follow.

A sadness in Bangladesh

In a society split down the middle, along political lines, religious bigotry rears its ugly head.

Stalemate in Dhaka

Unless BNP calls off agitation, owns up for the violence, talks seem unlikely.

Uneasy in Dhaka

A bitter divide between government, opposition has corroded Bangladesh’s polity.

Facing up to 1971

As the Jamaat is dealt new blows, Sheikh Hasina government appears more sure-footed

Bangabandhu, the liberator

On his 39th death anniversary, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman still embodies the spirit of collective freedom

The march to nowhere

BNP speaks of democracy in Bangladesh but opts out of the election process.

Dhaka deadlock

As violence continues,neither Awami League nor BNP is willing to compromise.