Swami Agnivesh

The writer is a Vedic scholar and social activist

Articles By Swami Agnivesh

Fit India should also mean the courage to ask tough questions

How can we create Fit India, the PM needs to ask, if we do not pay at least equal attention to developing an intellectual culture? Medical sciences aver that physical fitness is incomplete without mental and intellectual fitness.

Corporates are the ones suffering poverty in more ways than one

Corporates owe banks, and the public, crores. They’re the ones suffering poverty in more ways than one.

BJP’s attempt to use national security as its poll plank betrays its desperation and fear

Intelligent voters will, given that Modi has failed to deliver on all promises made in 2014, conclude that “crying wolf” about a neighbouring country.

For Sri Sri, mediation in Ayodhya could be a double-edged sword

Mediators in Ayodhya must stand steadfast on spiritual foundation in a charged atmosphere, where religion has been superseded by politics and the dynamic of mediation overshadowed by triumphalism.

As We Celebrate The Brave

Our public life is, increasingly, being configured by fear.

Belief without truth

Religion and superstition are mirror images. Superstition can, therefore, pass for religion, especially when the people know only rituals and practices — all priestly inventions — and are ignorant of the ethical and philosophical principles embedded in scriptures.

Why I have been assaulted

My ideal of social justice runs counter to the casteism of Sangh Parivar. But my disagreements are spiritual, not political.

Faith Vs Blind Faith

Without reason in our religious outlook we let the clergy manipulate us

Godman’s Burden

Bhayyuji Maharaj’s suicide highlight pressures that overtake the spiritually inclined

A perverse ploy

I am a man of faith. The cynical political calculation of Ram Janmabhoomi movement is intolerable to me.

About dignity

A sense of justice and fair play demands that unskilled workers are paid at least as much as their counterparts in the organised sector.

In good faith: Superstition caricatures God

Light of the Vedas is an antidote to ignorance.

Real Freedom Of Religion

To help India, contemporary spiritualism must break the shackles on its own soul

Why Baba Ramdev would do well to go into vanvaas

What Ramdev has done is criminal. He is sowing seeds of horrendous violence in the minds of unsuspecting people within an ambience of faith. This is incitement of the most dangerous kind.

Who cares about temple entry?

Male-dominated ‘places of worship’ are, in fact, places where god doesn’t reside.