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Five of six designated targets were hit in Balakot airstrike: IAF review

According to sources, the operation had planned to use six Israeli Spice 2000 Penetrator type PGM (precision-guided munition) to hit the targets, and five of them had hit the designated mean point of impact (DMPI) on the buildings in the Balakot complex.

SC clears 3-judge panel to probe sexual harassment complaint against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

This inquiry will be in the nature of a departmental inquiry and not a judicial inquiry. It will start on Friday afternoon.

Glare on CJI Ranjan Gogoi, all eyes on how SC responds

Whatever the merit of the complaint, observers said, what is clear is that the court will have to do more. The bench talked of a “bigger force” arrayed against the court so it becomes all the more significant for the air to clear.

The valour of our soldiers is not to be used to procure votes for any political party

The dragging of the armed forces into electoral politics by the top leaders of the ruling party has thrown a grave challenge to our democratic institutions. All citizens can play their part by denouncing attempts to mobilise the military as a political actor.

IAF chief on Balakot air strike: Unlike Pakistan, we achieved target

Referring to the strike on JeM terrorist camp by the IAF on February 26, he stated, “In the Balakot operations, we had technology on our side as we could launch precision stand-off weapons with great accuracy.”

Le Monde report: France waived tax for Anil Ambani firm; says as per law

The Defence Ministry, Ambani’s Reliance group, and the French Embassy in New Delhi issued statements Saturday denying links between the tax waiver and the Rafale deal.

Military veterans write to President: Stop using military for political purposes

Two former service chiefs later denied giving consent to the letter.

Military veterans write to President: Stop using Army for political purposes

The letter, copied to the Chief Election Commissioner, was emailed to the President asking him “to ensure that the secular and apolitical character of our Armed Forces is preserved”.

Pakistan F-16 controversy: Three key questions, evidence on the ground and in the air

The PAF’s use of the F-16 in the attack is contentious because certain restrictions were imposed on the use of these aircraft when they were sold by the US to Pakistan.

Intercepts, Awacs photos: IAF underlines it got Pakistan F-16

The camera and radar images, which prove that the F-16 was shot down, have been lost with the Mig-21 Bison aircraft — piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan — which crashed on the Pak side of the LoC, officials said.

Major Gogoi punished by Army with six months’ loss of seniority

The court martial had found Major Gogoi guilty of “fraternising” with a local in violation of official orders on the subject and for “being away from the place of duty while in operational area”.

The dangerous implications of confusing war with sports

The relationship between sports and war runs deep, but there is nothing pretty or sporting about war

Navy gets a new chief in Vice Admiral Karambir Singh, first chopper pilot to head top office

Singh was commissioned into the Indian Navy in July 1980 and earned his wings as a helicopter pilot in 1982. He has extensive experience in flying the HAL Chetak and Kamov Ka-25 helicopters.

Strike Force: The challenges in IAF’s upgrade roadmap

If the Indian Air Force’s strike at Balakot drew a new red line for Pakistan, Islamabad’s retaliation underscored that air deterrence is key in any escalation ladder. The Indian Express examines the IAF’s upgrade roadmap to explain the new challenge

Balakot strike: Each warhead had 70-80 kg net explosive quantity

This explains nature of commercially available satellite images, extent of visible damage, says top military officer.

Pakistan F-16s launched two AMRAAMs, one missed target, other hit MiG-21

Sources said American experts, who were shown the debris from the Indian side, have confirmed that remains in such quantity could only have come from a missile that had missed its target.

Radar imagery confirms 4 buildings in Jaish madrasa were hit, says official

Assessment of terrorist casualties is ‘purely speculative’. The buildings were in the campus of the madrasa run by Jaish which is located on the same ridge line as the hilltop, a few hundred metres to the east.

India’s Exhibit A: Debris of AMRAAM missile that nails Pakistan’s F-16 denial

The AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) missile, manufactured by American firm Raytheon, is available in many variations, and has been sold to many countries including Taiwan, Finland, the UAE, Turkey and Pakistan.

Pakistan warjets enter Indian airspace, IAF MiG shot down, Pak F-16 hit

Nowshera residents said a PAF aircraft showed up at 10.20 am, released a bomb near an ammunition depot at Narian near the Jammu-Rajouri National Highway and retreated.

Mirage, Awacs, Sukhoi, Popeye: How IAF took down Jaish training camp

Although the entire operation, said to have got political clearance last week, lasted less than an hour and there was only one target, the risks were high and pressure for guaranteed success was huge.