Suraj Yengde

This writer is with the department of African and African American Studies at Harvard University.

Articles By Suraj Yengde

Creation and innovation sit at the crux of Dalits’ secret to survival

Taking a stab at his first ever journalistic piece, Babasaheb Ambedkar lamented the recklessness of newspapers in manhandling Dalit issues.

Raja Dhale’s words and work stirred sleeping souls, gave expression to simmering Dalit anger

Dhale’s early Dalit Panthers phase is nectar for the contemporary radical Dalit consciousness. In spite of the voluminous contribution, Panthers like Dhale and others could not get a chance to personally connect with other revolutionaries like the Black Panthers or the global workers’ movement in their lifetime.

Why we need Dalit

The term seeks to change structures of oppression, rather than adjust to them

Perils of Gandhiplomacy

Why there are protests against Gandhi’s statue in Ghana University

Casteist India is becoming for Dalits what Western Europe was for Jews

Rohith’s death has highlighted social injustices of Dalit students. It is an epochal moment where #DalitLivesMatter becomes a priority and #CasteMustFall reiterates our commitment to the Indian constitution