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Monday, May 16, 2022

Suraj Yengde

This writer is with the department of African and African American Studies at Harvard University.

Why they are afraid of Jignesh Mevani
Sun, May 01, 2022

Suraj Yengde writes: Mevani represents the state of the ordinary public, who look at him as their hero fighting for their rights. Though Mevani is an Independent legislator, he has a nationwide reach.

Losers all? Time to rethink first-past-the-post system
Sun, Apr 03, 2022

In almost every election, from national, state, to local governments, or even at the office level, one has to play the game of dirty craftsmanship to get a sizeable vote share in elections. Due to the nature of India’s democracy, votes are enshrined in caste and religion.

Ukraine: India must not fall into either trap
Sun, Mar 06, 2022

The conflict has to do with remnants of the Cold War tussle for supremacy. Ukraine is being used by both the Western bloc and Russia to establish their influence.

The symbolism of inter-caste marriages
Sun, Feb 06, 2022

When countries worldwide are now integrating rapidly across color, racial, ethnic boundaries, the Indian government has to offer incentives for couples to marry outside rigid boundaries. Does inter-caste marriage then result in the anticipated social change and abolish untouchability?

Views about Mayawati, and what they tell us
Mon, Jan 10, 2022

If the new awakened culture is really committed to representation to marginalised identities, they will not find an alternative better than Mayawati.

Caste-less comedy: Time to lift curtains
Sun, Dec 26, 2021

Kunal Kamra, Suraj Yengde write: It is about time comedy gets caste on board because it is the original humour that we can collectively fight and riot over.

Retracing Fa-Hien in the land of the Buddha
Mon, Dec 13, 2021

🔴 Suraj Yengde writes: Today, we must honour Fa-Hien as a great chronicler of medieval India. He should be included in the pantheons of Bahujan society and India’s national history.

On climate, hear those who live by the Earth
Mon, Nov 15, 2021

Suraj Yengde writes: The rise of Green Parties across industrially developed nations is a sign of the growing impact of climate activists. Manny Green Parties now have a decisive role to play in governments.

Is it yet an era for Dalit leadership?
Mon, Oct 18, 2021

Suraj Yengde writes: Charanjit Singh Channi’s elevation as CM may be no more than an act of symbolism and charity, but there is also hope that it can throw up a challenge to the caste dominance in politics.

Across groups, the case for a caste census
Mon, Sep 20, 2021

Suraj Yengde writes: We need to know the numbers of the beneficiaries of the caste system as well. Without this, the SC, ST census is akin to counting the protected species in a jungle.

Could BAMCEF be the needed answer to RSS?
Mon, Aug 23, 2021

Suraj Yengde writes: Will the liberal, progressive centrists, Leftists, unionists and LGBTIQ+ trust in a social organisation that can rival the RSS?

How State can benefit from quality education to SCs, STs
Sun, Jul 25, 2021

Suraj Yengde writes: If every deserving child gets the desired support, imagine how much talent and energy will be added to the engine of India’s new growth story. This cannot happen through people’s charity. It is the duty of the State.

Buddha, the first doctor of the mind
Sun, Jun 27, 2021

One doesn’t become the Buddha instantly, but there is always hope that we free ourselves from clinging on to desires and detachment. To see things as they are.

Kabir is a perfect embodiment of the Dalit reaction to India’s religious divide
Sun, May 30, 2021

The universality of Kabir lies in his acceptance by each and rejection by the same creed. Where does Kabir then lie? It is in the untouched, disrespected, humiliated bodies of the lowest considered beings.

Ambedkar challenged history, probed society, and anthropologically argued with legal conventions
Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Ambedkar’s writings are an ideal interface to grant the desired humanity to the dehumanised and excluded people declared untouchable and unseeable — a group without history.

If Mr Modi is genuine in his interest towards the social diversities of India, he needs to work in their favour
Sun, Mar 21, 2021

World over, the government is scrutinised and if things go on at the pace as they are doing now, one might fear this vibrant democracy will be shunned as a hostile State

Whatever we have today in Brahminism is a twisted history of Buddha’s work
Sun, Feb 07, 2021

To investigate the Buddhist past is to supplant both Hindu (Brahminic) and Islamic history, for they contributed to the erasure of Buddhist richness from the land.

In times of family grief, we become one and get tied to our unified selves
Sun, Jan 10, 2021

Our minds think about the beautiful things we have and that is family. It is the most valued institution where respect and honour are not performative. It is a candid space of attracting compassion and sharing warmth.

Charge of Dalit patriarchy is now being used to put down any assertion of being Dalit
Sun, Dec 13, 2020

One cannot be blind to the suppression of one’s own while positing a universalist agenda. Anti-women behaviour needs to be addressed as a community project.

Not having a social media account is not an uncool thing
Sun, Nov 15, 2020

The story of social media is brutal and very depressing. As you descend into an abyss of trauma and helplessness, do look up and around, you will find more darkness.

The Hathras atrocity proves yet again that caste solidarity is firmer than anything else
Sun, Oct 18, 2020

Instead of standing by the slain woman and her family, the women from the Thakur caste chose conspicuous silence and shifted the blame on the victim.

Chandra Bhan Prasad utilised his glamour and name to advance the Dalit cause
Mon, Sep 21, 2020

Chandra Bhan Prasad was the first Dalit in independent India to have a dedicated column space in the English press. He fronted attacks and counter-punched detractors for berating Dalits, taking on anyone trying to pull them down

Anna Bhau matured the purpose of literature to serve the Dalit cause
Sun, Aug 23, 2020

Anna Bhau is probably the only creative writer whose statues are found in almost every big and small town of Maharashtra and outside.

It’s time India paid reparations to its Dalits
Sun, Jul 26, 2020

The constitutional promises through reservations and land reforms were one of the few ways for us to get together. But these remain hotly contested. Reparation is one of the most viable ways to secure justice for all.

As we debate Floyd and systemic prejudice, the power and need for such a moral force couldn’t be more relevant today
Sun, Jun 28, 2020

Sometimes, it is the moral force that draws attention to it. This moral force helped India win its independence from British brutality.