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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sunny Jose

The writer is with the Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. Views are personal

Where we went wrong: A sense of hubris turned the predicted second surge into a devastating crisis
Mon, Apr 26, 2021

What should be done at this stage is well-known. But effective execution not only requires a decentralised approach and better coordination, but, most importantly, shedding hubris. Can the state rise to the challenge?

Worsening of child nutrition calls for immediate and decisive course correction
Sat, Dec 19, 2020

A complacent approach that assumes that all necessary measures, including the Poshan Abhiyan, are in place and the reversal in progress is only momentary will be a sure way to inflict a debilitating, irreversible impact on children’s nutrition and their well-being.

Move to raise women’s age of marriage reflects punitive paternalism
Mon, Aug 31, 2020

The proposed policy, instead of addressing the causes and consequences of under-age marriages, may instead produce adverse, suboptimal outcomes affecting the poor and marginalised the most.

How the pandemic strengthens patriarchy
Wed, Jul 22, 2020

The greater emphasis on domestic and care work, decline in certain industries, has affected the well-being and economic freedom of women disproportionately

Mind the digital gap
Thu, Jun 18, 2020

Online education could end up aggravating existing social and educational disparities.

Tamil Nadu’s success in education underlines empowering, assertive populism
Wed, May 01, 2019

The welfare policies were fortified with and paved a way for a carefully crafted micropolitics of identity creation and assertion. Identity-based reservation in education and employment was an important component of this form of populism.