Sudheendra Kulkarni

The writer was an aide to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Articles By Sudheendra Kulkarni

Saner elements in RSS should rein in forecasters of fantasy in their midst

Even as the Sangh wrestles with its own fixity about Akhand Bharat, some of its leaders, often, become such over-enthusiastic warriors for their cause that they throw all rationality to the wind.

Crossing the laxman rekha

Language used by both the Prime Minister and Congress president coarsens the political conversation, threatens healthy debate.

Why Rahul, Bhagwat must talk

That dialogue could weaken centrality of ‘secularism vs communalism’ debate

Atal Bihari Vajpayee (1924-2018): Democrat in Nehruvian mould

Humanity and empathy distinguished Vajpayee from his peers.

A visit that shows the way

Pranab Mukherjee’s proposed trip to Nagpur holds a lesson for Rahul Gandhi: Don’t be guided by the Left’s view of the Sangh

Fair justice

Feeling the heat of the Opposition’s allegation that it is “anti-Dalit”, the Modi government quickly decided to file a review petition against the apex court’s ruling.

Why Xi Jinping is no emperor

India must not view China through tinted glasses of a West fearful of the end of its global domination

India ignores Oliver Tambo’s centenary, once Delhi & ANC were fast friends 

Modi, his party and his government are now on an overdrive to move away from — and, if possible, altogether erase — the legacy of the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family.

An idea dead & alive

Putin’s Russia ignores the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Xi Jinping’s China wants to keep its message alive.

The agony and the city

Mumbai stampede was a systemic crime. City needs an empowered government of its own

BJP’s Belt and Road myopia

Instead of opposing China’s mega initiative, India should use it to play a leadership role in South Asia’s infrastructural and economic integration

The power of heroism

Very few leaders of the 20th century held sway over as many people around the world as Fidel Castro did.

Pope of non-violence

Pope Francis’ message is one that India and Pakistan must hear.

Bhangra, books and bonhomie

The Islamabad Literature Festival gives reason for optimism about India-Pak reconciliation

A self-goal by the RSS

The Akhand Bharat controversy exposes the Sangh’s ideological dogmas and difficulties.

Einstein: Not just an esoteric celebrity

Remembering Einstein on the 100th anniversary of the General Theory of Relativity. His fame is all the more exceptional because his achievement in science is not within the grasp of the ordinary mind

Be bold, not paranoid

Why Prime Minister Modi should ignore Arun Shourie’s advice as he sets out for Beijing

Mahatma’s storyteller: Narayan Desai

Like all true Gandhians, Narayan Desai lived a life of simplicity and dedication

An icon for Swachh Bharat

To sustain the abhiyan, we should draw inspiration from beloved saint-reformers like Sant Gadge Maharaj.

Barack’s message

Indians must do some soul-searching. And Modi must act.