Subhashis Banerjee

The writer is professor, department of computer science and engineering, IIT Delhi

Articles By Subhashis Banerjee

A more opaque Aadhaar

Its technical design requires serious reconsideration, following amendments to the law.

The best way to vote

On EVMs, we may be asking the wrong questions.

Short on nuance

Draft data protection bill has lost sight of the intricacies of digital identity.

Architecture for privacy

Data protection requires a strong regulatory framework with a hierarchy of regulators to protect basic rights

A welfare test for Aadhaar

Exclusion and denial of benefits to the poor needs urgent attention

An argument without Aadhaar

Traditional understanding of privacy may not suffice in an age of digital identities. Supporters and opponents of UIDAI are missing the point

A contentious proposal

The interest in UBI seems to be building up significantly from several quarters and it is quite possible that the government is contemplating some steps in this direction in the upcoming budget.