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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Soli J. Sorabjee

The writer is a former attorney general of India.

Juveniles and the death penalty
Sun, Mar 13, 2005

An incomprehensible feature of the US Government is its persistent reluctance to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989. It ...

Courts and poll pledges
Sun, Feb 27, 2005

Can Courts enforce election promises made by political parties during an election campaign? No, according to the Ontario Superior Court, Can...

Preventing tsunami tragedies
Sun, Feb 13, 2005

Extensive deaths and destruction caused by the Asian tsunami have imparted urgency to devise measures to prevent such tragedies. A recent UN...

Dr Ambedkar and the Constitution
Sun, Jan 30, 2005

We celebrated the 55th Republic Day and held the traditional Republic Day parade with the usual pomp. My thoughts turned to our Constitution...

Lawyers’ fees
Sun, Jan 16, 2005

The public image of lawyers is far from flattering. The main reason is the savage fees charged by some lawyers for getting adjournments, arg...

Killer tsunami
Sun, Jan 02, 2005

Forgotten tsunami will rankle for years in our memories. With the proverbial stealth of a thief in the night it struck mercilessly with ligh...

Mindless censorship
Sun, Nov 21, 2004

Freedom of expression, a vital fundamental right, is not absolute. Censorship regrettably is inevitable in certain cases e.g. where the spee...

Tea Parties, Raj Bhavan
Sun, Nov 07, 2004

Failure to host a tea party on Independence Day by a Governor is not just bad manners. It is a serious constitutional lapse warranting his r...

Rights have duties
Mon, Sep 27, 2004

The proliferation of rights and dilution of corresponding duties has been a cause for concern. One response was the Forty Second Constitutio...

Governors and Founding Fathers
Fri, Jul 09, 2004

The subject of the appointment and removal of governors was extensively discussed in the Constituent Assembly. The Founding Fathers did not ...

Doing justice to a great moment
Sat, Jan 10, 2004

Dowry is regarded as an evil and its practice today is penalised. It was not so in the past. In 1665, the island of Bombay, then a little fi...

Nani was tender to the bashful, merciful to the absurd
Thu, Dec 12, 2002

Nani Palkhivala was the greatest advocate that I had known. I had the good fortune to be his junior in several important cases. It was a joy...

Courage guided Seervai
Wed, Jan 24, 2001

No single phrase can do justice to the many splendoured personality of Homi Seervai who passed away on January 26, 1996. A brilliant advoc...

The new secular religion
Fri, Dec 10, 1999

In our celebration of the 51st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human rights we need to remind ourselves that the rights enshri...

Lessons in justice
Mon, May 10, 1999

Any anthology of courageous lawyers must include the intrepid Malaysian jurist, Dato Param Cumaraswamy. After a gruelling sedition trial ...

The loss of two titans
Sat, Mar 13, 1999

Two legal titans passed away last week. Lord Denning Tom to friends at the age of 100 and Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme Court at 90.Th...

Remembering Lord Denning and Justice Harry Blackmun
Sat, Mar 13, 1999

Two legal titans passed away last week. Lord Denning Tom to friends at the age of 100 and Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme Court at 90.Th...

The Bajrang Dal’s mockery
Sat, Sep 12, 1998

Protection of minorities is the hallmark of a civilised nation. According to Gandhiji the claim of a country to civilisation depends upon...

Invoke extraordinary measures
Thu, Nov 27, 1997

It is clear that threatened or actual withdrawal of Congress support does not ipso facto lead to the ministry losing the confidence of the ...