Shyam Saran

The writer, a former foreign secretary, served as the prime minister’s special envoy for climate change.

Articles By Shyam Saran

Balancing the poles

As US-China competion intensifies, India should refrain from taking sides

As we go into the elections, political parties must engage in debate on national security issues

Citizens have the right to hold their political leaders and governing institutions accountable. It is unacceptable to assert that questioning the armed forces or government is unpatriotic.

Politics, but no politics

Deteriorating situation in Valley can’t be delinked from abdication of political responsibility by governments in Delhi.

The Wuhan window

Modi-Xi summit gives India the chance to expand its diplomatic options in the neighbourhood and beyond.

So You Want to Know About the Environment?

A compelling account of the environmental concerns that India faces and practical solutions that could resolve the deadlocks

Read between the US lines

India-US relations in the age of Trump are becoming more transactional, less strategic

Looking China in the eye

India needs an alternative narrative which contests the inevitability of Chinese hegemony

Nepal’s history, revised

There is an attempt to blame India for the current instability by those who sided with the monarchy 11 years ago

An Inconvenient Truth

Moving away from a literary imagination that is centred on the human experience, Amitav Ghosh explores the global culture of denial surrounding the climate change debate

Making the nuclear point

The Fourth Nuclear Security Summit brought a timely focus on the link between nuclear and cyber security.

A long way from Rio

Paris Agreement is a pale shadow of the 1992 convention, but India salvaged some key principles.

The Paris template

Ahead of the summit, India has been again targeted as a spoiler. It must stand its ground till the end.

Constitutional error

As long as half of Nepal feels it has been shortchanged by the new constitution, political stability will elude it.

An inconvenient truth

The conference in Paris is unlikely to result in an agreement that can address the challenge of climate change.

Book Review – Modi’s World: Expanding India’s Sphere of Influence

A sharp analysis of India’s challenges in navigating a rapidly transforming regional and international landscape under Narendra Modi.

Be liberal,be realistic

From the LoC to the nuclear arsenal,India can deal better with Pakistan if untenable assumptions are dispelled.

More Rubik’s Cube than Power Triangle

The relationship between India,China and the US in the Indo-Pacific may contain more possibilities than the fable of the devas,asuras and Vishnu

Chronicling Change

An astute analysis of the history and future of India‘s external relations

Kathmandu’s conspiracy theorists

If there is one industry which is always flourishing in Nepal it is its fabled rumour mill,with its handlers vying with each other to produce the most imaginative and even bizarre stories about Indian activities in Nepal.

Green economy as platitude

At Rio+20,the developing world reclaimed lost ground,but nobody committed to credible action