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From the discomfort zone: Dream a weaponless world

Just imagine, 70 million Kalashnikovs sold to date. To what purpose?

From The Discomfort Zone: Vive le crayon!

What auto-censored traditional media could not say, Charlie Hebdo ripped apart without any frontier.

From the discomfort Zone: Challenge paralysed by society

Innovation is a big word and we use it all the time in India.

From the discomfort zone: Challenging with gestures

When we are born, we unconsciously make gestures, our whole life goes with gestures at every moment. One day when gestures get frozen, we are off from society. How can we use these gestures that vibrate with the living sensation of human breath? Human gestures have evolved through the centuries as we learnt to take […]

From the discomfort zone: Guru mindset hinders taking challenges

It’s unthinkable in our society to challenge the guru’s training.

From the discomfort zone: Challenge to exit mediocrity

'Make in India’ is the start of solving our country’s major problems.

From the discomfort zone: Socially disgracing women

The consumer forum can stop such products that feed on people’s sense of worth and horribly humiliate women.

From the discomfort zone: What will people say?

In India’s contemporary situation having an affair need not translate to marriage, an area that’s not under control.

From the discomfort Zone: Snuffing out love

I want to thank my readers for connecting to my writing and permitting me to use your personal experiences.

From the Discomfort Zone: Digi-tech for social distress

Isn’t it ironic that we proudly say India is a secular democracy; we are Indians first and there’s unity in our diversity.

From the Discomfort Zone: Digital fossil

As IT service is an essential commodity product like electricity or water supply that you cannot do without, competition in the IT service industry will accelerate.

From the discomfort Zone: Digital graveyard

Since the birth of the Internet, the concept of digital art has proliferated.

From the discomfort Zone: Digital skeleton

So many artistic domains are getting massacred due to the over-usage of digi-tech, the killer of human passion, craftsmanship, knowhow and creative distinction.

From the comfort zone: Digital barbarian

The modern harmonica of ten holes and two metal reed plates was invented by an European named Richter around 1825.

From the discomfort zone: Sardinian sojourn

There once were 10,000 megalithic stone dolmens scattered across the island depicting prehistoric architecture.

Italian rhapsody

Scientists here were working on Apple Mac computers, their screens exposing high-tech scientific sense; but all of that was overshadowed by her Italian design touch; even in a scientific lab.

From the discomfort Zone: Psychologically aesthetic Italians

This immediately took me to another planet mentally, my first step on Europe, the country of Raphael, da Vinci, Michelangelo that I had studied with my pencils in art college.

From the Discomfort Zone: Japanese miniaturisation = human cocooning

High awareness of hygiene and sanitary conditions is another aspect that makes Japanese design so clean.

from the discomfort Zone: Process obsession

German process obsession translates to providing outstanding value to end customers when they are paying for it.

From the discomfort Zone: Shake shake scale

Their ability to simplify, to sell an idea differently while understanding the competitive environment have helped Americans scale up business.