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Monday, September 20, 2021

Sharik Laliwala

Sharik Laliwala is an independent scholar on politics and history of Gujarat

In healthcare, Gujarat is in BIMARU league
Wed, May 05, 2021

With less than Rs 5 allocated for daily healthcare expenditure per person in its budget, Gujarat fares badly on numerous health indices.

Hardik Patel’s appointment as Gujarat Congress working chief announces new form of old politics
Thu, Jul 30, 2020

The Congress has gradually realised that its old understanding of caste politics, which was devoid of caste-class interaction, would not take it far in a post-liberalisation environment.

Citizenship law, proposed nation-wide NRC will revise conception of group rights in India
Thu, Dec 12, 2019

A nation-wide combination of the CAB and NRC will mark India as the natural habitat of Hindus while deriding some Muslims as “foreigners”. Indians will be called Indians not only on territorial grounds but also on ethno-racial and religious lines.

Breaking down the Gujarat verdict: How regional pride, nationalism made Modi-Shah even stronger on home turf
Wed, May 29, 2019

Post-Pulwama air strikes and the pride of having a Gujarati PM and his trusted aide Shah in Parliament, coupled with nationalistic sentiments mattered more in this election than local concerns over drinking and irrigation water, as well as job crisis.

A new Other
Mon, Oct 22, 2018

In Gujarat, violence against migrants represents a reconfiguration of the state’s ideological repertoire.

The segregated city
Sat, May 26, 2018

Ghettoisation and Disturbed Areas Act are dividing urban spaces in Gujarat, pushing Muslims to the edge.