Sharat Sabharwal

The writer is former High Commissioner to Pakistan. Views are personal

Articles By Sharat Sabharwal

Abrupt move in Valley feeds into the already prevailing sense of alienation, religious radicalisation

The change in Jammu and Kashmir’s status will make little difference vis-a-vis Pakistan, situation on the ground in the Valley. It cannot but feed into the already prevailing sense of alienation.

There’s no silver bullet solution to Pak-sponsored terror; Politicisation will constrict choices

Putting an end to Pakistani terror militarily would require an all-out war to give it a crushing blow — entailing a heavy economic cost, totally disproportionate to the threat posed by it.

Dealing With PM Imran

India should engage the new Pakistan government, but it must remain cautious.

For A Durable Peace

There must be a political consensus within India on the way forward for J&K

To what end, muscularity?

It has not persuaded Pakistan to stop meddling in J&K. Infiltration and ceasefire violations have increased, imperiling lives of civilians and soldiers.

Being neighbourly

To fulfil ambitions in Indo-Pacific and beyond, India must work for a cohesive South Asia

A year from Uri

There are no black and white solutions. India needs to manage relationship, combine dialogue with deterrence