Shamsul Islam

The writer taught political science at the University of Delhi

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Which Hedgewar?

Pranab Mukherjee’s description of RSS founder does not stand up to scrutiny

Let’s not be deluded on RSS

RSS’s own documents highlight its opposition to a secular, democratic India.

Competing communalisms

Whenever Muslim localities and properties were attacked as revenge against some objectionable posts by some Muslims, or Muslims were targeted for allegedly carrying beef, public opinion generally decried such engineered violence.

Tarun Vijay’s take that people of South India are ‘black’ is not surprising

Tarun Vijay told Al Jazeera whatever he learnt sitting at the feet of his GURU. Incidentally, if Tarun had made such a racist comment in USA or Europe, he would have been behind bars.

RSS must discard its anti-democratic-secular India agenda

Indians are expected to ‘de-colonize’ their minds and believe that RSS vision of Hindu rashtra is not antithetical to a democratic-secular India.

ICHR’s post-truth: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is the latest victim

Once a prime national centre of historical research, ICHR has been totally handed over to the RSS pracharaks.

The new right is wrong

It is only the old RSS vision for India recycled

RSS is not just antithetical to Muslims, but to a democratic-secular India as well

The Indian Constituent Assembly approved the Constitution on November 26, 1949. Four days later, RSS rejected it through an editorial in its English organ Organiser on November 30, 1949

No love for Ambedkar

Ram Madhav’s assertions do not match the ideological discourse of the RSS.

The unmaking of India

It’s hard to reconcile the oath of ministerial office with what the RSS stands for