Shamnad Basheer

Basheer is the founder of Spicy IP.

Articles By Shamnad Basheer

Copyright as exception

Free competition and access to knowledge have been the default legal norm for many a nation.

Patents over patients

Government privileges the private over the public, preferring trade to health

Will Real IP Policy Stand up?

Government has been speaking in two tongues on intellectual property.

These rancid rankings

IP rankings are politically motivated and express a clear preference for ‘faith’ over ‘facts’

New drug era

Whittling away of innovator vs generic divide brings its own challenges.

Innovation that includes

The pharmaceutical industry needs to shed its archaic blockbuster model.

Patent with a purpose

Supreme Court's ruling should begin a debate on a more optimal patents regime

Publishers vs Students

A society where private commercial gain trumps the larger public interest in promoting educational access can never be a fair one

Set the bar higher

Turf wars over legal education have done little to improve its standards

A life saver

Compulsory licence can go a long way to ensure access to cheaper drugs

Changing our tune

The Copyright Act protects Indian composers at home,but not abroad.

Changing our tune

The Copyright Act protects Indian composers at home,but not abroad

Sold for a song

For too long,the film industry has forced lyricists,composers and writers to cede all copyright to their own work....

Raising the bar

A common entrance test for law schools is problematic....

Don’t burn the digital books

The creation of gigantic knowledge repositories has proved challenging since time immemorial. The fabled library of Alexandria sought...

‘3 Idiots’ and the morality of numbers

Bollywood’s latest “message laden” script is certainly big on numbers. Within the first week alone,it grossed 175 crores...

Saying no to the wrong drugs

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act (DCA) was recently amended to mandate significantly enhanced penalties for those trafficking in...