Shailaja Bajpai

Shailaja Bajpai has been writing about television since 1984. “Far too long,” in her own words. But she has also watched it change, grow, grow and grow into what is today… the elephant in the room and any conversation on any subject. In her case, it would be true to say that you have to pay her to watch television!

Articles By Shailaja Bajpai

Singing the Sangh’s song

For TV channels and Bollywood celebrities, RSS conclave was the place to be

Telescope: Taste of diversity

Bharat Bandh was all over the place, Masterchef Australia turned a corner.

Telescope: Finger on our lips

No matter what your views, you are in danger of being labelled

Telescope: Maoist, by media

You would think determining whether individuals are plotting against India is a matter for the police.

Telescope: The ruse of balance

Must the media give space to every viewpoint, no matter how prejudiced?

Telescope: Sounding the bugle

PM’s fifth Independence Day speech clearly had the next election in mind

Telescope: Loss of innocence

The week when Karunanidhi died and ‘shelter home’ became dirty words.

Telescope: It’s raining misogyny

Is TV empowering women, or exploiting their woes?

Telescope: Now you see me

Sometimes a hug can jolt perceptions

Telescope: Goals of our lives

A goal is a goal in any language, and by any other name.

Telescope: Telling a soggy tale

From the dramatic rescue in Tham Luang to the unrelenting monsoon in Mumbai.

Telescope: No news like bad news

A mysterious mass death and Mumbai deluge have TV channels going tabloid

Telescope: Can history be far behind?

In New India, on screen and off it, the past overtakes the present

Telescope: To 2019, with machismo

On the football field and on Kashmir, there’s a lot of testosterone around

Telescope: Upside down

Congress president sounds like PM. And news shows question ruling party

Telescope: After IPL

Away from cricket, we have other concerns. Or do we?

Telescope: Marriages, royal and political

What if channels covered the royal wedding like the Karnataka drama?

Telescope: Stooping to conquer

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: Congress, BJP and JD(S) traded insults, charges — perhaps even MLAs

Telescope: Can you spell Yeddyurappa?

Karnataka polls are all about viewers in North India.

Telescope: A subtle shift of power

Channels used to slamming the Congress president are giving him more space.