Shah Alam Khan

The writer is professor, department of orthopaedics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The views expressed are personal.

Articles By Shah Alam Khan

National Medical Council Act offers little change, brings in a host of new problems

The NMC Act, in the garb of change, has some provisions which are far more problematic than those in the amended MCI Act. The constitution of the medical commission as proposed in the Act has issues of subjugating federalism at multiple levels.

Case for compassion

Violence incubates in our society. Insensitivity to it makes the doctor vulnerable.

Payal Tadvi’s suicide highlights, once again, discrimination in medical institutions

Social institutions and systems have rotted under the burden of caste. Educational institutions have been the preserves of the upper caste and the rich.

In five years, India’s largest minority has been cleaved from basic entitlements of democratic citizenship

The Muslims of India are different than their brethren in other parts of the world because they are the only Muslims on the planet (except Turkey) who have cherished 72 years of uninterrupted democracy.

For ruling regime and Opposition, healthcare doesn’t seem to be an issue

It is important to analyse why something as important as the health of a nation remains undiscussed during elections here. Illiteracy, lack of awareness, lack of political will, and, poor electoral ethics are some of the reasons which come to mind.

Implant Files: Who should own up to what

The Indian Express-ICIJ investigation has exposed the fault lines in the Indian healthcare system. The onus of action is on government because it is the single agency which can regulate both the implant manufacturers and the physicians.

A Cure Called Inclusion

Their marginalisation affects the health of tribal communities.

Cure that hurts

That Johnson and Johnson could get away without paying compensation after implanting faulty hip replacement devices points to a regulatory deficit, and lack of medical ethics

Diagnosing Bias

Arguments against those with disabilities pursuing medicine are prejudiced

The Cancer Refugees

Patient shelters must become part of urban infrastructure.

An unhealthy statement

Privatisation of healthcare, not just doctors, is to blame for corruption in the sector.

Dignity, but for whom?

Verdict on living wills does not take into account socioeconomic realities.

Walking with the dead

The need of a national hearse policy with a minimum corpus for transportation and cremation of dead bodies cannot be overemphasised. Developing protocols for the transportation of dead bodies from government and private hospitals with dignity is the duty of the state.

Redraw The Line

For most among us, faith would be bigger than science but faith masquerading as science is what we should all be wary of.

Cure lies elsewhere

Generic medicines can’t be the first, or only, step to reduce the cost of treatment

You Pay More, You Get More

At AIIMS, the issue is much more complicated.

How not to treat TB

State policy of restricting availability of anti-TB drug due to fears of antibiotic resistance is impractical and undemocratic

Cash and care

Demonetisation has affected people’s ability to access health facilities.

Not at the click of a mouse

AIIMS’s online appointment system has worked to the detriment of poor patients.

A low priority called health

Poor Indians are forced to look towards the private sector for healthcare. Bhutan and Ethiopia spend more than India does.