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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Saugata Bhattacharya

The writer is senior vice president, business and economic research, Axis Bank. Views are personal

RBI must tackle surplus liquidity on way to policy normalisation
Fri, Dec 10, 2021

🔴 Saugata Bhattacharya writes: Liquidity management in the extended banking and financial system will now be the key pillar of normalisation

Mixed signals on growth-inflation dynamics
Wed, Nov 03, 2021

Saugata Bhattacharya writes: Fortunately, India’s economy and policy matrix are well-positioned to manage multiple risks

How can India’s economic recovery be sustained — and accelerated?
Sat, Sep 04, 2021

Saugata Bhattacharya writes: Policy support is needed to nurture the drivers of growth and sustain recovery process

Economic stimulus policies must reorient from ‘revive’ to ‘thrive’
Wed, Jul 28, 2021

Saugata Bhattacharya writes: The recovery momentum is beginning to strengthen. It’s time to place India on a sustained 7 per cent plus growth path.

Another Covid wave, another year of economic uncertainty
Thu, May 13, 2021

Once the surge tapers and the lockdowns ease, the pace of recovery will depend on the ability of the Centre and states to spend

GDP growth is being driven by larger firms. Smaller ones continue to suffer, need policy attention
Thu, Feb 25, 2021

Policy coordination between the Centre and states will be crucial for implementing this ambitious reform agenda.

Signals of a strong economic recovery are broad-based. Budget proposals will be key beacons for coming phase
Thu, Jan 07, 2021

The main policy narrative in 2021, as the growth momentum gains traction, will be the path to normalisation from the extreme accommodative monetary and fiscal policy stance

Slowdown has bottomed out, but a sustained recovery will require boosting credit flow
Wed, Mar 04, 2020

The focus in the near future should to increase investments and facilitate credit for funding these productive assets so that India’s potential output growth can steadily rise.

Budget 2020 framed a strategy of moving towards a $5 trillion economy over the next five years
Mon, Feb 03, 2020

The Budget did the best it could do to stimulate the economy given the extreme paucity of resources. Implementation, as always, will be key to achieving the $5-trillion goal.

The current economic slowdown needs a multi-pronged response
Thu, Dec 05, 2019

There are distinct features of the current slowdown which make it different from the ones in the past. First, multiple growth engines — consumption, investment, exports, credit — have all slowed down synchronously; earlier, one of these engines would offset the weakness in the other.

Repo rate cuts signal a resolve to revive investor, consumer sentiment
Sat, Oct 05, 2019

RBI analytics suggest that the slowdown is largely cyclical, and in macroeconomic terms, this is probably correct.

Not by cuts alone
Thu, Aug 08, 2019

Repo rate cut will help lower borrowing costs, but growth revival will require a coordinated policy response.