Sanjaya Baru

The writer is director for geoeconomics and strategy, International Institute for Strategic Studies, honorary senior fellow, Centre for Policy Research, and former media advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Articles By Sanjaya Baru

Economy, media, message

Government needs a shared understanding and an effective and credible spokesperson on economic policy

The man who lived in interesting times

Despite the controversies it has generated, Karan Thapar’s book offers a fine glimpse into his career and personal life and the bond of trust that once existed between the media and those in power

Don’t destroy my university

Ideological intolerance and a bureaucratic strait-jacket are damaging JNU. Don’t let a mediocre leadership denigrate one of our finest institutions.

Mind games at Doklam

India is no Philippines. In the Philippines, China managed to declare victory by convincing President Rodrigo Duterte that friendship with China is a better bet than friendship with the United States. China subdued Philippines without fighting.

Unease of doing business

Judicial intervention in economic activities hurts livelihoods. A developing country can ill-afford such activism

Developmental Hindutva

Is the term an oxymoron? Is it possible to balance the two in a way that is reassuring to a majority of people?

Misreading the new

The rise of BJP, the decline of Congress, demand fresh ways of seeing.

Family politics playbook

Voter has a right to know how a party she has voted for will manage leadership transition in the family.

An Indo-Pak Cold War

India will have to devise and pursue the logic of a long period of bilateral disengagement.

A 21st century Indian city

Amaravati offers Chandrababu Naidu an opportunity to redefine his politics and policies

India’s fast power

Modi government is enunciating a doctrine of high-speed diplomacy.

Modi’s red lines

From Pakistan to Japan, China to US, he will be tested on ability to stick to them.

The real threat to WTO

...isn't India. It is miscast in the role of spoiler.

Compromise is no crime

AAP must know that politics is the art of the possible,more so in the coalition era.

Bracing for Bali

India should worry about the multilateral trading system,not food subsidies.

Love from Tokyo

The Emperor and Empress return to Delhi after 30 years to open a new chapter in ties.

The Singh doctrine

PM has left a clear stamp on foreign policy,even if UPA2 let him down.

No zero-sum games

Both India and China would be better off learning to cooperate while competing.

The inheritor as insurgent

Why Rahul Gandhi's outburst against the government strains credibility.

The return of Russia

The Syria crisis has brought Russia back to global centrestage.