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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sanjaya Baru

sanjaya baru

The writer is Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi.

What’s going wrong with India’s Act East policy?
Wed, May 26, 2021

Indian diplomacy must take a fresh look at its Southeast Asia policy and the constraints being imposed on it by unsatisfactory economic performance and sectarian and communal politics at home.

Didn’t tolerate fudge; pro, anti, in between, Sunil Jain said it like it is
Sun, May 16, 2021

A Master’s in economics from the Delhi School of Economics, Sunil began his media career at India Today after a brief tenure at FICCI where he worked on export policy.

Indian ‘atmanirbharta’ in space and pharmaceuticals is an exception. It must be the norm
Wed, Mar 03, 2021

Once a knowledge economy role model for other developing nations, India lost its leading position due to flight of homegrown talent and stiff competition from China

World wants India to do well. But compulsions of domestic politics are leading to revival of Cold War bogey
Tue, Feb 09, 2021

The foreign hand keeps making its appearance every now and then in domestic political discourse, sometimes with good reason but often due to the travails of national leaders.

PM Modi quoting Gurajada to reach out to people during covid vaccine rollout is a hopeful gesture
Tue, Jan 19, 2021

If it encourages his so-called bhakts and the more rabid members of the Sangh Parivar to read the likes of a Gurajada and appreciate their modernising, humanising patriotism and socially progressive views then Modi would have greatly contributed to the cause of national unity.

Overseas Indians cheer government’s agenda for India’s atmanirbharta, without investing in it
Wed, Dec 30, 2020

There is now an emerging category of Indians migrating out and opting to stay out of India because they feel their motherland no longer wants them. This sense of alienation, especially among minorities, is a disturbing trend.

To remain leader of ‘free world’, America must demonstrate commitment to values of its own Constitution
Thu, Nov 05, 2020

Countries that turn to the US today, like India, seeking help to check a hegemonic China do so out of compulsion, not choice. Trump’s transactionalism abroad and racism at home have robbed the US of a higher moral purpose in its global role.

58 years later, India-China relationship has changed. Inequality has grown
Wed, Oct 21, 2020

To regain global stature, India has to continue to focus on its domestic economic capability and human capital. There are no short cuts to global power and influence.

Destroying Bollywood’s credibility for partisan-political purposes harms national interest
Tue, Sep 29, 2020

While cleaning Bollywood of black money and bad influence is a worthy endeavour, the pursuit of political agendas that stifle free expression in the name of nationalism and puritanism, can rob popular culture of its soft power.

Why must India get worked up about declining opportunities for cash, brain drain?
Fri, Jul 17, 2020

Sanjaya Baru writes: It would be interesting to see how many of those who attended Modi's rallies abroad have decided to return home to contribute to India's “atmanirbharata”. Rather, the number of Indians seeking blessings of the Visa God is only increasing by the year, and the non-resident Indian is becoming the not-returning Indian.

Former NSA Bolton’s book raises questions about US commitment to India’s national security
Mon, Jun 29, 2020

India’s priorities and national security concerns have not changed in these past two decades. The elements that shaped the US-India relationship in the first decade of this century remain the defining ones even today.

G-12 must include respect for human rights, adherence to international law, multilateralism in trade and security
Fri, Jun 05, 2020

Sanjaya Baru writes: President Trump is not doing India a favour by wanting to invite it into the new group. As the world's largest free market democracy India deserves to be a member of not just a G-12 but of even a new G-7.

It’s not trade dependence that makes India vulnerable but inadequacy of its human capital
Thu, May 14, 2020

For India to be truly self-reliant and self-confident, public investment in education, human capability and research and development has to increase.

Management of lockdown, its aftermath, will shape balance of power between Centre and states
Tue, Apr 21, 2020

The return of big government and the prospect of a potentially larger role for the state in the economy raises the question, certainly in India, of what it would mean for Centre-state relations, and for national and provincial politics.

No, Coronavirus crisis is no turning point for globalisation
Wed, Mar 25, 2020

In the short term, there will be flight to safety of people worried about a pandemic, as there is of capital during a financial crisis. When normalcy returns, the globalised Indian will fly away once again.

Trump’s visit comes when mutually beneficial framework of bilateral relationship stands disrupted
Mon, Feb 17, 2020

To hide the lack of substance in the relationship the Trump visit will focus on hype and Prime Minister Modi has perfected the art of diplomacy as mass entertainment

We are moving to an era of unpredictability. A new Middle Powers coalition may be needed
Tue, Jan 14, 2020

There is a view among some policy analysts at home that India too can adopt a “disruptive” approach as a clever tactic in foreign affairs. This is an illusion. Disruption is not an end in itself. It has to be a means to an end. Powerful nations can afford disruption as tactics.

Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons
Sun, Dec 22, 2019

An analytical inquiry into the development experience of some of Asia’s major economies and why there might be ground for optimism

Mr Bajaj speaks again: In 1993, he voiced business’s ‘concerns’, today he voices its ‘fears’
Wed, Dec 04, 2019

In 1993, the then finance minister, Manmohan Singh, was publicly dismissive of the concern Bajaj and friends articulated about the threat to domestic business from external economic liberalisation.

Recent events are beginning to challenge the narrative of a Rising India
Fri, Nov 15, 2019

Rising India narrative is suffering due to re-hyphenation with Pakistan, slowing growth, retreat from RCEP, Trumpism.

How to make friends: Delhi needs to invest in systematic and sustained outreach to opinion-makers
Wed, Oct 23, 2019

What is not recognised is that it is the business of media to reach out to anyone who wishes to seek them out. Lend an ear, but be professional in what and how you report.

Mahabalipuram dialogue was part of a striving for more balanced India-China ties
Mon, Oct 14, 2019

Given Xi’s 100-year perspective, both countries have to learn to live with year-to-year bumps while journeying together towards a new Asian Century.

Asian cats, Western monkeys
Tue, Aug 27, 2019

Across Asia, focus is turning to multiple geopolitical quarrels. Western powers are back in play, arbitrating.

The state has its reasons
Wed, Aug 07, 2019

A soft solution to the Kashmir dispute has had no takers in India and Pakistan since 2014. The changing global environment may have influenced New Delhi to opt for a hard solution

Budget and the world
Tue, Jul 09, 2019

Resisting the temptation to print money and spend one’s way to growth, the finance minister has opted for incentivising private investment and borrowing abroad.