Samantak Das

The writer is professor, department of comparative literature, Jadavpur University.

Articles By Samantak Das

God is a Bullet

In its choice of authors and texts, an anthology of Bangla pop lit misses its target by a whisker.

Boroline to Bantul the Great: How the bumper Puja issues of children’s magazines shaped Bengal’s literary taste

The pujo sankhya (puja issue) or puja barshiki (puja annual) forms part of the mental universe of every educated middle-class Bengali, especially those who call, or once called, Kolkata home.

(Im)Balance of Power

A magnificently written, marvellously phrased book, with its heart in its right place, A State of Freedom might not be quite what its Western critics claim (“devastating portrait of the inhumanity of the rich to the poor”, and so on) but it is certainly worth the read.

The Bania’s Eye View

Long reviled and caricatured by the city they have shaped, Calcutta’s Marwaris are humanised and demystified in Sujit Saraf’s novel.

The Streets Know All the Stories

A book that brings Kolkata to life in strange and striking ways, with the affection of a besotted lover.

Abol Tabol and the New Man

A book on the illustrious Ray family is a magnificent addition to the exploration of Indian modernity

Our peaceful Bengal

Did anyone say assembly elections in the state saw violence?