Rekha Sharma

The writer is a former judge of the Delhi High Court

Articles By Rekha Sharma

SC must re-examine procedure to probe allegations against CJI Gogoi

There is no doubt that the SC’s in-house panel in the case against the CJI was not constituted according to the Vishaka guidelines; it also did not go by the provisions of the 2013 Act.

Chief Justice must subject himself to institutional inquiry on harassment allegations

The Chief Justice of India is a man of the law. It will do him no good, nor to the institution which he is heading, if the issue is shoved under the carpet.

Seniority cast aside

Collegium courts controversy by elevating relatively junior judges. When, by one stroke, 32 judges including chief justices are passed over, it is bound to create a flutter and a feeling of unease.

A mansion for the CM

Madhya Pradesh government’s allotment of houses to ex CMs violates SC judgment

Challenges for the next CJI

He will take over an under-funded and over-worked judiciary

In The Name Of Independence

The judiciary is being undermined on multiple fronts. Damage control is imperative

Ball In His Court

Chief Justice of India must clear the air on the allocation of cases controversy

Selective Condemnations

Extremism comes in all shades. Justice Shah should critique each one.

Manufacturing A Controversy

Should the citizen say ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, or not, is not the question.

The Rightness Of Dissent

If Supreme Court believes ‘ADM Jabalpur’ went wrong, it must review the case suo motu.