Ranjit Lal

Lal is an author, environmentalist and bird watcher.

Articles By Ranjit Lal

Down in Jungleland: Revenge of the Macaques

Some animals and birds have learned to live like us.

Down in Jungleland: Eye on Eagle

All about majesty and splendour.

Down in Jungleland: The Good Fight

Animals fight over mates, territory, feeding rights, and, even honour and ego.

Down in Jungleland – Thereby Hangs a Tail

The lithe langur is a highly adaptable animal with a complex social system.

Down in Jungleland: Fascinating Fungi

A foray into the kingdom of recyclers and decomposers.

Watch Them Soar

An essential guide for birders to the rich avian life in the eastern Himalayas.

Down in jungleland: Ways of Seeing

Eyes, in all their variations, are the true evolutionary wonders of the animal kingdom.

Down in Jungleland: Tiny Titans

Three common birds prove that when it comes to heart, skill and volume, size does not matter.

Down in Jungleland: A lesson from herons on being still

Herons are a lesson in quiet, sombre dignity and focus.

Down in Jungleland: Instead of golf courses, India should worry about its grasslands

It’s time we looked after our grasslands.

Down in Jungleland: The many relatives of man’s best friend

By and large, they all share the same basic design: long-pointed muzzles, deep chests, strong legs, long bushy tails, and intelligence that conveyed frank shrewdness rather than the slit-eyed cunning of their great rivals: the cats.

Down in Jungleland: Why we love dolphins and what we can learn from them

They are friendly and charismatic, but the very popular dolphins might be in trouble.

Down in Jungleland: We’ve never given plants the respect they deserve

How we neglect those who give us their all — plants.

Down in Jungleland: Bee-eaters are lovely little musical boxes in the sky

The bee-eater is a thing of beauty, complexity, and unbridled wonder. They are said to be especially fond of honey bees, and, therefore, not very popular with apiarists, who accuse them of making serious dents in the population of worker bees.

Down in Jungleland: That Nasty, Blood Sport

Serial killers who derive great thrill in taking down innocent prey.

The lab rats, dogs and monkeys we need to say thanks to

The tricky issue of testing drugs and medical devices on animals.

Down in Jungleland: The Change Artistes

At the heart of life in nature is the desire to adapt and evolve.

Down in Jungleland: To Run Wild

There a few things you need to keep in mind before setting forth on a safari. The laws of the jungle demand that you switch off the phone first.

Down in Jungleland: Trumpets in the Sky

You hear them long before you spot them — a distant brassy bugling that lifts your spirits. For all their solemn dignity, cranes know how to have fun.

Down in Jungleland: No Place like Home

Why Earth is still our best bet to build ourselves a home in.