Ranjit Lal

Lal is an author, environmentalist and bird watcher.

Articles By Ranjit Lal

Down in Jungleland: That Nasty, Blood Sport

Serial killers who derive great thrill in taking down innocent prey.

The lab rats, dogs and monkeys we need to say thanks to

The tricky issue of testing drugs and medical devices on animals.

Down in Jungleland: The Change Artistes

At the heart of life in nature is the desire to adapt and evolve.

Down in Jungleland: To Run Wild

There a few things you need to keep in mind before setting forth on a safari. The laws of the jungle demand that you switch off the phone first.

Down in Jungleland: Trumpets in the Sky

You hear them long before you spot them — a distant brassy bugling that lifts your spirits. For all their solemn dignity, cranes know how to have fun.

Down in Jungleland: No Place like Home

Why Earth is still our best bet to build ourselves a home in.

Down in Jungleland: A Matter of Pride

Travelling through the Gir forest and paying homage to the lord of the jungle.

Down in Jungleland: A Road Runs Through It

Tree planting? Not good for trees.

Down in Jungleland: Stealth Bomber

The barn owl is the silent killer that all rodents fear. The barn owl has a spine-tingling repertoire of shrieks, screams and banshee-like screeches, and other owls (like the eagle-owl) have deep booming hoots and calls.

Down in Jungleland: Tool Story

Much like humans, animals have fashioned their own tools — with far less devastating consequences.

Down in Jungleland: Badass Badger

There’s nothing sweet about the honey badger except its intention to kill. Be warned, this guy is no Gandhian and has retained the Guinness Book of World Records title as “the world’s most fearless creature” on what seems to be a permanent basis.

Down in Jungleland: Call Me by Another Name

One day, we’ll be hauled up for the kind of names we have given to animals around us. Let us see what kind of case they may have and what arguments the defence (ourselves) may come up with to counter them.

Down in Jungleland: Bird of Wonder

The life and times of the enigmatic hoopoe found in Africa, Europe and central Asia, and, in India,

Down in Jungleland: Family Ties

On our closest relatives in the natural world. Since, like it or not, we are all related in this natural world, we might as well make the best of it.

The Wild Places

A hands-on approach to conservation from those working in forest lands that don’t get the attention they deserve.

Down in Jungleland: Wonder Wings

A list of favourite birds, from the magpie-robin to the rose-ringed parakeet.

Down in Jungleland: Best Beasts Forward

On the list of favourite animals is a badass ballerina: the rhino.

Down in Jungleland: Lesser Mortals

The poaching of small animals, especially pangolins, isn’t talked about as much as they should be.

Down in Jungleland: The Road to Ruin

Highways and aerodromes on wildlife spaces are terrible news. The proposed highway, it is said, will cut the distance between Kotdwar and Ramnagar by almost 80 km — imagine the savings in time and fuel. Also imagine some of the other things that are likely to happen.

Down in Jungleland: Shooting Birds

The digital art of capturing birds.