Ranjit Lal

Lal is an author, environmentalist and bird watcher.

Articles By Ranjit Lal

Down in Jungleland: A thought on the environmental legacy we are burdening children with

Sixteen-year-olds today will be 17 next year, which will give the politicians just one more year to clean up their act.

Wild Himalaya book review: In High Places

Stephen Alter’s exhaustive biography of the Himalayas is an exceptional tribute to the world’s mightiest mountains

Hop, Skip and Jump

Of hares and cavorting bunnies.

Going Great Greta

What happens when teenagers behave like responsible adults?

Butterfly Effect

Moths get a raw deal but are nature’s wonders no less.

The gaze of the birdman

Salim Ali’s rigour in charting avifauna remains unparalleled.

Down in Jungleland

That life-changing moment of spotting a bird species for the first time and its lasting impact.

It’s a Make-Believe World

Of wildlife films and wild antics by wranglers for the camera.

It’s a Make-Believe World

Of wildlife films and wild antics by wranglers for the camera.

Down in Jungleland: Once Upon A Time in Aarey

Memories of the unspoiled beauty of Mumbai’s lakes and green lungs.

Down in Jungleland: Season of Scares

We are criminally neglectful in the way we behave around snakes.

Down In Jungleland: To Love and to Protect

Claws, teeth and wile — no holds are barred when defending territory and young ones in the wild.

Down in Jungleland: Hello, Sunshine

Why rely on alarm clocks, when you have the musical charms of the bulbul to begin the day with?

Stars and stripes

With celebrities venturing into Corbett National Park, have good times for tigers finally come?

Hatch them off guard

Furore in a crow’s nest as cuckoo babies come out of the closet.

Down in Jungleland: The importance of mangroves

Mangroves are essential natural barriers against the elements

Down in Jungleland: In the Beat of a Wing

How a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly is a miracle of nature.

Down in Jungleland: Spot a Birder

The way you go about bird-watching reveals more about you than you would wish to.

Down in Jungleland: Part II: What Lies Beneath

Of first impressions and coloured perceptions in the animal world.

Down in Jungleland: What Lies Beneath

In the animal kingdom, the first impression is rarely the last one.