Ramesh Venkataraman

The writer, a former partner with McKinsey & Company, is a private equity investor based in London.

Articles By Ramesh Venkataraman

Don’t fire from Supreme Court’s shoulder

Fighting social ills needs engagement with communities, throwing the Constitution at them won’t help.

Undoing injustice against Dalits requires upper caste support

Moral responsibility and amplified sensitivity will amount to little without tangible support for Dalit economic advancement.

A shrinking flock

A confused economic agenda and misjudgement on how to get things done at the Centre may have cost PM Modi his non-Hindutva supporters and the opportunity to be a transformational leader.

An unethical place: Waning ethics in India’s private sector

Waning ethics in India's private sector is not just a moral problem. No economy can perform at a high level without integrity.

Let’s talk to the Book

Ramanuja and Martin Luther underline how religion evolves by debating with scriptures, not by being beholden to them.

Happy Diwalis

Diverse myths around the festival underpin Hinduism’s openness, pluralism and historically tolerant ‘live and let live’ ethos

Hindu way to resist Hindutva

India’s secular, liberal Hindus need to engage with their religion if they are to fight intolerance.

Bihar Polls: Paging the real Mr Modi

If PM Modi needed a reminder of why he was voted to power, Bihar election results may have provided one.