Rama Bijapurkar

Bijapurkar is the author of We Are Like That Only and A Never-before World: Tracking the evolution of Consumer India.

Articles By Rama Bijapurkar

A debate on what ails the economy should acknowledge the problems of India Inc

This debate is not for the macro economists and stock market analysts alone. It is also about the values we want as a society (the question whose India and whose society should also be addressed).

First, let there be investment

Budget does well to focus on investment and infrastructure rather than propping up consumption to boost the economy.

Congress may be talking to economists and experts. But is it listening to the voter?

PM Narendra Modi understands better what people in an aspirational society want. Cash transfers are welcome, but what they desire is ways to earn more and for their children to be a part of the better life possibilities they see around them.

Alyque Padamsee: Always champion, never challenger, he strode ad world like colossus

To say that he was brilliant, impossible, dazzling, utterly his own person and the definer of Indian advertising is an understatement. Like he said in his one-line ad brief for Surf, “always the champion, never the challenger”.

Dear Gen Now

Setting up #MeToo as an all-or-nothing issue will make us ignore the considerable gains already made.

IIM bill: Degree of unfreedom

Slogans of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Minimum Government’ won’t ring true if IIMs are being strangled.

New residents in search of the new city

Urban infrastructure needs to catch up with high-energy micro-entrepreneurship, writes Rama Bijapurkar

Retirement Plan: When a householder decides to retreat into the woods

When a householder decides to relinquish her family, the duties of daily life and retreat into the woods, if only for a while.

New India, new ideas

The young care about achievement and opportunity, reject fear mongering

We are like that only: Getting Inked

A family that votes together is bound to debate endlessly.

We are like that only: Tai-Pan or Fry Pan

In which the author goes to buy a packet of butterfly tea and a bottle of well water.

This Side,That Side

Crossing the Wagah border for the first time is an exercise in remembrance,identities and mixed feelings.

Unabashed and Fearless

Margaret Thatcher lived up to her convictions,unfazed by peer opinion

Big bank theory

The focus should be on empowering women to demand more from the existing system

To Cry or Not to Cry

The man’s guide to tears at meetings in the boardroom

Rock-cut Realities

Stressed out by recent happenings,I thought a retreat into the past would bring some calm and balm.

The Parent BPO

Power shifts in new-age parenting.

Two and a Half Women

There are many twosomes that have made me nervous over the years.

The Art of Home Tutor Maintenance

Tuition teachers are here to stay,as long as the cut-offs for college admissions escalate.

Of Yellow Lines and Ponies

When Chinese precision meets Indian flexibility on a journey to Kailash Mansarovar