Ram Puniyani

The writer, formerly with IIT, Mumbai, is associated with various human rights groups.

Articles By Ram Puniyani

Gandhi’s wariness of RSS’ ideology is clear from his writings, historical record

As far as Gandhi’s views on the RSS are concerned, there are some scattered observations which give an understanding of what he thought of it.

Nothing personal about it

Laws that accord secondary status to women need to be reformed.

To fight communalism, Left has to think of electoral alliances

Left needs to become an important player in electoral battles to ensure that those taking oath in the name of Hindu nationalism are confronted at electoral level .

Worshipping the cow: Killing Humanity

It is interesting to note that beef was part of food habits from Vedic times.

Another Shivaji Controversy

He needs to be rescued from communal and sectarian interpretations.

National Anthem ‘Adhinayaka’ debate: It’s not about King George

In the national anthem, ‘adhinayak’ refers to the ‘dispenser of human destiny’.

Who killed Govind Pansare?

He waged a long battle against superstition. He was the communist who also engaged with the caste question.