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Jalil is a Delhi-based author

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The times that shaped Mirza Ghalib and his immortal poetry

Even 150 years after his death, Mirza Ghalib remains one of the most quoted — or misquoted — poets in India. A look at the enduring relevance of his work.

Of Earth and Fire

Over the years, the resilience of Sita has been variously valorised in Urdu poetry. There are said to be over 300 versions of Ram kathan in Urdu in the Awadh region alone.

The Battle is Yours to Lose

Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padmavat is not a story of religious war. It is a tale with a moral: earth is vanity, nothing lasts forever.

Nazm for the Messiah

Urdu poetry is replete with references to Ibn-e Maryam, the son of Virgin Mary

Diwali 2017: A Festival of Many Histories

Urdu poetry on Diwali is plush with the promise of light and peace

The Ballad of Ram-e-Hind: Revisiting the Urdu versions of Ramayana that once lit up the stage

With Urdu gradually freeing itself from its “Muslim” tag and reclaiming its rightful place as a people’s language, perhaps, it is time to revisit these manzum Ramayanas and, perchance, stage a Ramlila on Ufuq’s Ram Natak.

Scent of Oneness

What was a slogan at a labour rally, became India’s freedom cry. Remembering Maulana Hasrat Mohani, the creator of the slogan, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’, who was also a Krishna devotee

Looking past the stereotypes and accepting Urdu as the sum of its parts — its sounds and script

It may have shrunk in importance but it’s still part of our daily lives. So, can we look past the stereotypes and accept Urdu as the sum of its parts: its poetry and politics, its sounds and script?

Nothing but the sea ahead

Intizar Husain seemed as much a stranger in a strange land in Pakistan as he did on his frequent visits to India

The Begum’s Speech: Ismat Chughtai was not just a provocative writer who wrote about women

Ismat wrote as she spoke, and vice versa: in the style of women from sharif families in western Uttar Pradesh, a language now known as begumati zubaan.

France attack: Limits of solidarité

I am not ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and I am not a terrorist.

A Ghazal for Telangana

Urdu poets had dreamt of the new state as long as 70 years ago

The Beauty of the Sky

From its elusive moon to the festivities that follow,Eid has inspired many an Urdu poet

His true notes

Mehdi Hassan took Urdu poetry to the nooks and crannies of popular imagination

One hundred years of Manto

The progressives who marginalised him can now redress an old wrong

Sultan of sleep

Shahryar infused a new potency into time-honoured confines of Urdu nazm

A red card for the SIM

Why do governments keep on taking down the secular Indian Muslim?....