Rajni Bakshi

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Beyond either-or views, many want temple at Ayodhya but don’t want to hurt mosque

A quarter century later, it is futile to hope that the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya, whatever it might be, will somehow mark a closure. Healing the social fabric is far more important.

In Good Faith: When Ramnam is a sanctuary

In Mumbai, the akhanda kirtan during Ramnavmi provided a relief from the bustle of elections and an opportunity to approach politics from a broader view.

Gained in Translation: Gandhi’s art of disagreement

Nathuram Godse and Gandhi both had an abiding love for India but Godse was so deeply offended by Gandhi’s idea of India that killing Gandhi was, for Godse, the most satisfying way of settling this disagreement.

The Mahatma’s economics

Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy has urged the replacing of GDP with a measure of progress that gives primacy to social and environmental well-being.

Through A Wider Lens

AIIB meeting presents an opportunity to redefine the parameters of development.

King’s Way

As King tirelessly reiterated — we will not learn non-violence from a guru or a saint. We can only learn it by loving whoever we deem to be the “other” — by tirelessly reaching out to them in a quest for reconciliation.

What Our Anthems Say

South Asia’s national anthems are patriotic rather than nationalistic.