Rajmohan Gandhi

The writer is research professor at Centre for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Articles By Rajmohan Gandhi

The fearless dissenter who had a plan to make the countryside hum with life — that is the Gandhi India needs

Gandhi thought India’s independence would mean little unless it also meant the independence of every Indian.

People’s consent is missing in how J&K has been taken over by the ‘rest of India’

Betrayals may be inevitable in our fallen world. Taking people for granted, however, and doing with them whatever we want without their consent, is going too far.

Way forward in Kashmir

Actions intended to change the state’s status and demographics will intensify alienation

PM Modi’s labelling of Rajiv Gandhi as ‘Bhrashtachari No. 1’ sinks political discourse

Even if someone then believed that Rajiv had tolerated corruption, would they say to his son 28 years later that “your father ended his life as India’s most corrupt man”?

The meeting with Golwalkar: What Gandhi really said

He was unconvinced by RSS chief after 1947 meeting, stood against majoritarianism

Lessons from 1952, 1967, 1977

Indira Gandhi’s audacity, which few foresaw, split the Congress in the 1969 summer and the state of Pakistan in the 1971-72 winter. In March 1971, well before the liberation of Bangladesh, that daring had fetched Indira’s Congress 352 seats out of 545 in a mid-term poll.

Reconciliation with honour

What Ayodhya needs now is healing, not compromise.

A new temple, a new mosque

Ayodhya’s disputing sides can come together. The Supreme Court can direct them to do so.

Age of prejudice

'Age of terror' may be an inadequate term for our times. Ours is an age where suspicion and loathing infiltrate police stations, courtrooms, newspapers, TV, and dance wildly on social media.

Past Forward: Iron Man, his flesh and blood

On the 31st of this month, when his mammoth statue is unveiled, India will see the Sardar raised to the sky. Here’s a slice of history.

Past Forward: Iron man, in flesh and blood

Can we get to know, today in our 21st century, a heart that began its life in the 19th century and expired in the middle of the 20th? Researching the Sardar in the late 1980s, I was staggered by his self-sacrifice.

Transient triumphs

History reveals that popularity of authoritarian leaders and majoritarian agendas is a transitory phenomenon

Giving up on a statesman

Dalai Lama has won many hearts, including in China. India’s decision to shun him reflects poorly on Delhi.

Debating Partition, the Oxford way

Lambasting the British is easy. India needs to examine its own inability to nurture debate.

A battle of consequence: A campaign of interesting OTMs (other than Modi)

The Jignesh-Hardik-Alpesh (JHA) trio have previously clashed with one another. Their understanding with Rahul and the Congress is fresh. Win or lose, their biggest test will be over their mutual partnership after December 18.

The other as foe

History is replete with the horrors of us-vs-them narratives.

Truth, without fear or favour

Central government must lead the fight to protect what the killings — of Kalburgi, Pansare, Dabholkar, now Gauri Lankesh — have violated: The rights to life, belief and expression. The nation is watching.

Flags of our fathers

Does Modi want the Indian people’s voluntary love and respect? Does he want the world’s approval? The future’s appreciation? Or does he merely want to rule for a long time, allowing persons in his large parivaar and supportive vigilantes to enforce obedience?

Marriage made on earth

In the backdrop of the Israeli-Indian alliance are realities of occupation, suppression and misery.

Turn searchlight inward

Those who want India to stay pluralist, must conserve strength, correct mistakes, construct networks