Rajesh Kochhar

Kochhar is author of ‘The Vedic People: Their History and Geography’

Articles By Rajesh Kochhar

In Good Faith: Hinduisms of India

The harsh religion of today is based on illiteracy of texts, is divisive.

A forum for pseudo-science

The Science Congress has lost its way. There is a strong case for abolishing it altogether

Past perfect and a future tense

Legitimising suspect ‘traditional knowledge’ and passing it off as proven wisdom is perilous.

The land of soma

Botanical clues show the shared heritage of the Rig Veda and the Avesta.

The Aryan chromosome

Where did the Aryans come to India from? When did they migrate? Genetics is now beginning to affirm archaeological and literary evidence.

Reform, Despite Nay-Sayers

The history of the abolition of sati is instructive for the triple talaq debate