Raj Ayyar

The writer is full-time visiting professor (social sciences and humanities), IIIT-Delhi.

Articles By Raj Ayyar

Bending the binary

An informed account of the Mahatma’s philosophy that avoids both hagiography and Gandhi-bashing

Artemis in ancient Greece

Across cultures, earth’s closest neighbour has had an irresistible pull on the human psyche.

Margaret Chatterjee’s work straddled disciplines, bridged teacher-student divide

Margaret Chatterjee wrestled with problems of diasporic migration, otherness and being a stranger in an alien culture in many of her later works. She blossomed into a multicultural philosopher at home in many different cultures and wearing different hats.

In Good Faith: What Jesus said

Unlike what fundamentalists project, he stood for the poor, disenfranchised and the non-privileged outsider

In Good Faith: Balancing the myth

The stories of great religious traditions are needed to make sense of the world. In their stagnation, lie dangers of fundamentalism

In Good Faith: Guru of the razor’s edge

The first philosopher in ancient India was Yama. His dialogue with Nachiketa explores what lies beyond.

In Good Faith: Rumi’s challenge

Like the Sufis, are we willing to let go of the labels we are born with?