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The BSP in a changed battlefield

The trouble for the BSP is that a much younger and energetic Dalit leadership has started shaping the discourse within Dalit politics. The BSP’s future in Indian politics depends heavily on what Mayawati chooses to do in the coming months.

A chief minister like Yogi

Building a Hindu social coalition helped the BJP win UP. Adityanath represents that mandate

Close, but no Bihar

There are similarities between UP polls and the lead-up to the Mahagathbandhan’s victory last year. But the BJP seems to have made critical adjustments this time.

Late to the party

BSP needs to look beyond social engineering, at the changing grammar of politics. It could focus on Mayawati’s image as an efficient administrator.

In the ruins of Babri

The mandir-masjid dispute continues to frame the political debate in UP 24 years after the destruction of the mosque. Communal faultlines in the state have deepened, in recent times

Lokniti-CSDS Post-poll Analysis: Women bought Jaya her return ticket

Survey data suggest women, traditional backers of the Chief Minister, rallied behind her as never before, overwhelming all negatives.

Lokniti-CSDS post-poll analysis: BJP enters Kerala cutting into votes of Left, Congress fronts

The NDA received 14.6 per cent of votes and apart from winning one seat, the BJP candidates were runners-up in six seats.

Two Dravidian poles, intact

Today’s assembly results are unlikely to mark a critical change in Tamil Nadu’s bipolar contest

Desperately seeking Ambedkar

The more interesting question to ask is: Why is the BJP pushing itself so aggressively to appropriate Ambedkar now, and not five or 10 years ago?

Bihar post-poll survey: Both caste and development, viewed through identity lens

While the upper castes overwhelmingly voted for the NDA, Yadavs, Muslims and Kurmis stood behind the maha gathbandhan.

Bihar post poll survey: Dalits dump NDA, rural Bihar stays out of its reach

The Lokniti-CSDS post-poll survey examines what went wrong for the NDA in Bihar, especially after a pre-poll survey had found it ahead of the grand alliance.

As Nitish Kumar gained likes, ‘har har Modi’ became ‘arhar Modi’

Nitish gained popularity among Yadavs, lower OBCs, Muslims, and supporters of other parties.

Bihar polls: The road to 1 Anne Marg

For the BJP, strategic placement of allies could make or break this election.

Ahead of Bihar elections, Nitish Kumar understands growing importance of women voters

The prohibition pledge acknowledges the growing importance of women voters.

Divided government, gridlocked House

Different parties rule at state and national levels. It is not yet clear if this is a sign of maturing democracy or a crisis of governance

Dear Narendra bhai

The effect of negative campaigns is generally marginal to the final result.

Flattened by secularism

Muslims and upper castes are more similar in their voting patterns than the Hindu right would like to acknowledge.

The appeal of the problem solver

Modi is a seasoned politician but the rising tide of expectation poses a big challenge to his popularity.

The coming war on dynasty

To consolidate its 2014 success, the BJP must weaken the Congress.

In decline, in denial

Though the Left’s losses are all-India, its route to revival passes through West Bengal.