R. R. Rashmi

The writer is special secretary in the government of India and has been India’s climate negotiator. The views are personal.

Articles By R. R. Rashmi

Kyoto Protocol’s emission trading mechanisms could become redundant after 2020

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a product of the Kyoto Protocol, is one such market instrument that can help industry as well as climate.

UN climate change meet could provide industry a roadmap for low carbon growth

Whichever coalition India may offer to join, it will be useful for the country to think of its sectoral actions as part of a long-term low carbon national growth strategy.

New rules, old games

Katowice climate conference offers flexibility to developing nations but also familiar platitudes.

What Marrakesh achieved

The proclamation on climate change has just about managed to make sure that the pre-2020 commitments made by the developed world remain on the discussion table.

The Way Forward from Paris

Climate justice must be ingrained in the rules of the new climate compacts.