Pratik Kanjilal

The writer is Associate Editor.

Articles By Pratik Kanjilal

News on mute

In the absence of information from Kashmir, TV news channels rose to the challenge by dredging up unverifiable rumours from social media.

Speakeasy: At Home on the Moon

The serious and funny fake news stories about the lunar missions

Mission Possible

How the first moon landing created our world

Guns and Roses

The tyranny of the weak, which Mahatma Gandhi had once harnessed to deal a body blow to colonialism, is still alive and well. Interestingly, it is wielded by the young, who are generally perceived to repose more faith in aggression.

Breaking down news: To the Moon and Back

As the launch of Chandrayaan-2 made headlines, the race to put humans back on the lunar surface is qualitatively different 50 years later.

Three novels set in the Batman universe take the superhero into the realm of prose

The three novels recently published by Titan Books in collaboration with DC Comics go out on a progressive limb from the family tree of the Batman novels. The authors are carefully chosen, the writing is crisp and the audience is exclusively adult.

Speakeasy: Stroll of Behemoths

In a nature reserve in Portugal, giant footprints made by dinosaurs are etched in stone.

Party like its 1969: What was happening in the world the year man stepped on the moon

Lots of reality-altering stuff was afoot in 1969 — besides the Apollo 11 moonshot.

Speakeasy: One’s Own Devices

Personalisation has changed the world and how we negotiate it.

The Heat is On

Using the military for politics and allegations of plagiarism point to an imagination on its hinges

Tales of Future Past

Two ambitious, engaging anthologies that navigate the best that Indian science fiction has to offer

Speakeasy: Opium for the Masses

This age will be remembered for turning large-scale gaslighting into the language of politics.

Breaking down news: Gag files

On humour, or the lack of it on airwaves these days

Reviving Nations

Countries often mirror the individual's strategies to recover from crises

Capital Punishment

Screpanti’s work would be interesting to the lay reader because he follows his arguments logically and transparently, as he traces the history and changing functions of capitalism.

Reviving Nations

Countries often mirror the individual’s strategies to recover from crises.

War, what is it good for? The military-industrial complex

Donald Trump’s threat to erase Iran is causing unrest elsewhere.

Busted in Bengal

Accusations, counter-accusations, TV reporters as referees and a whodunit in Kolkata

Speakeasy: The Alphabet of Coding

New Scrabble words and the art of frequency analysis.

Speakeasy: Thugs of Hindostan

On the language of criminals and the world of crime.