Pratik Kanjilal

The writer is Associate Editor.

Articles By Pratik Kanjilal

Change is in the air, on air

The state election results have mellowed TV warriors. So, is it the end of the prizefighting era?

Stranger than fiction

Author Yuval Noah Harari discusses humanity’s fictions about matters as diverse as revolution and the possibility of a dystopic world without women

Crystal clear

The theoretical physicist who wandered into chemistry and learned crystallography to answer one of biology’s oldest questions

Speakeasy: Up in the Air

Two stories tell us something about the future of flying

The Table is Set

An informed account of the periodic table, and how chemistry relates to the world around and within us

Breaking Down News: Two Sides of a Coin

While the Kartarpur pilgrim route between India and Pakistan leads to a political spin in the media, CNN is fact-checking the White House.

Breaking Down News: Fight Club

The farce that defines TV debates lives on while the Twitter CEO’s attempts to smash ‘Brahmanical patriarchy’ get drowned in outrage.

No Easy Answers

CNN’s White House reporter is denied access to the President for asking difficult questions while a paper shows why the media must learn the elements of analytics and artificial intelligence

Speakeasy: As He Saw It

Robert Baden-Powell’s accounts of his life in India are marked by a blistering honesty.

Breaking Down News: Gift of the Gab

When narratives of hate violence go unnoticed on social media platforms

A singular mind

Exploring the remarkable life and work of physicist Stephen Hawking who dared to look upon the universe

Breaking Down News: Time to cut the cord

How the theatre of the absurd plays out around temples and on television screens

Long Before the Day After

With 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Harari focuses on the hectic moment between the remote past and the distant future — the present day and tomorrow’s world, a confused interregnum in which nothing seems to make sense, and the screens of the phones we are riveted to hold no answers.

In the line of fire

Khashoggi’s killing threatens to upset the global order, in India the top news still concerns gender

Home Truths

The #MeToo wave has swept away India’s most known comedy group and created a new, potent platform of protest.

Book review of Warlight: The Kindness of Strangers

A vivid exploration of lives in the postwar decades that reaffirms how political violence never really gets a neat closure.. Ondaatje calls it warlight, and he strikes the flame by rubbing the strands of destiny together, illuminating a world deeply connected by a history of political violence.

Speakeasy: Science, Foretold

The tremendous oracular value of science fiction. It has had tremendous oracular value, but unfortunately, science fiction's most popular works predict dystopias.

Finger on the Buzzer

The quiz element is comparatively small in comparison to the informational material, making up about a third of the book.

The State Will Not Hold

POTUS attempts to defend Brett Kavanaugh, farmers are forcibly stopped from entering Delhi and logic leaks out from fuel price regulation policies.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Darwin in a test tube – how evolution can be directed to bring benefits

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 has been awarded to three scientists who have accelerated and directed the creative power of evolution by putting “Darwin in a test-tube”.