Pratik Kanjilal

The writer is Associate Editor.

Articles By Pratik Kanjilal

War, what is it good for? The military-industrial complex

Donald Trump’s threat to erase Iran is causing unrest elsewhere.

Busted in Bengal

Accusations, counter-accusations, TV reporters as referees and a whodunit in Kolkata

Speakeasy: The Alphabet of Coding

New Scrabble words and the art of frequency analysis.

Speakeasy: Thugs of Hindostan

On the language of criminals and the world of crime.

Food for Thought

Somewhere between mangoes, laddoos and rosogollas, a nation goes to election

Breaking down news: Free for All

Free speech is not for TV anchors alone. A group of liberals is exercising its right on YouTube

Speakeasy: Bitten by the Bug

On the many plagues of humankind.

Breaking down news: The new normal

While foreign channels are consumed with the Brexit story, elections in India are opening doors that are best left closed

Speakeasy: Commercial Interests

How the internet has caught up with the ways of the world.

Flight into Danger

Uncertain Journeys highlights the magnitude of the cost that workers have to pay when they are uprooted by financial need — a need so pressing that despite the hardships, they are inclined to return to foreign parts after they come home.

Spaced Out

Of anti-satellite missiles, complicated national security issues and endless TV debates

Speakeasy: Fall of the Small

Was the vision of internet-generated consumer power, preached by a divisive book 20 years ago, just a mirage?

Speakeasy: What Gandhi wrote to Hitler and other letters of note

Historical significance apart, the correspondence of the influential reveal the writers’ foibles in all their human ordinariness.

Breaking Down News: Wartime Anchors

Far from the borders, anchors in TV studios marched to the tune of their own escalating drumbeat.

Breaking down news: Going with the Flow

While TV runs away with the news of India turning off the tap on Pakistan, hate speech and threats against journalists peaked this week.

Speakeasy: Charlie Chaplin to Vande Bharat Express, a history of the sped up video

On speed, velocity, acceleration and other superpowers.

Kolkata’s Street Theatre

All eyes were on Mamata Banerjee, as she publicly refused to allow the CBI to bag her police chief, leaving no air time for anybody else.

A Question of Identity

Through the everchanging frame of prehistory, a look at the evolutionary story of we, the people.

Speakeasy: A manual on how to keep calm and push on

A survivor’s manual in an increasingly totalitarian world.

Breaking Down News: The Face of Change

While television is no longer at the leading edge of news, social media is formalising transparency norms for political advertising.