Prasoon Joshi

The writer is a lyricist, screenwriter and CEO of McCann, India

Articles By Prasoon Joshi

Sharpening the moderate

The key is to not view the middle ground as a convenient and passive space, but one that calls for deep and dynamic engagement on the ground.

Art for Society’s Sake: Is art independent of societal constraints?

When a genuine piece of art emerges from the very being of the artist, its tide is unabated by box office fate or balance-sheet boundaries, free of the arithmetic of commerce. However, content that is created with the overarching principle of profit maximisation needs to be seen in its own context.

The fiction about fact

The premise of ‘post-truth’ seems to be that emotions and beliefs have become more important and facts have taken a back seat. But hasn’t it always been so?

The walls break down, as ‘we’ face ‘them’

Today’s elite unease comes from having had little exposure to other kinds of thought and life.

Of the people, for the people

Bob Dylan speaks to both the high brow and the ordinary folk. Labels should not limit art or sequester it.

Surrogacy tales

To make an informed, sensitive choice, we need to look at it from many vantage points.