Prashant Bhushan

Prashant Bhushan is an advocate at the Supreme Court of India.

Articles By Prashant Bhushan

Conduct of Foreigners Tribunals in Assam is questionable

The fate of close to two million people excluded from the NRC in Assam rests with the Foreigners Tribunals. The constitutionality and conduct of these quasi-judicial bodies are questionable.

Ram Jethmalani dead: ‘His fearless and outspoken voice is being sorely missed’

'Ram Jethmalani was always a larger-than-life figure in the courts and in the country,' writes human rights advocate Prashant Bhushan.

Worse than Emergency

The latest arrests represent a new and extremely dangerous phase in the steady erosion of civil liberties, fundamental rights and indeed democracy in India.

Dissent in its place

Supreme Court verdict recognises citizens’ right to hold protests at Jantar Mantar. But by leaving much to executive discretion, Court has also paved the way for restriction of the right

King of the court

Supreme Court has let go of the opportunity to immunise the allocation of cases from abuse of power by the CJI and to democratise the process.

A transparency deficit

The allegations by the judges also raise serious doubts about the independence of the judiciary, given that an estimated 45 to 70 per cent of litigation involves the government.

A new (agri)culture

Unless we quickly get our act together, we must be prepared to face the consequences. In any food crisis, it is the top of the food chain that suffers the most. In the case of farmer’s distress, the top of food chain is us — the end consumer.

A Moment Of Reckoning

To preserve judiciary’s independence, appointment process must be transparent

Jallikattu, like Shah Bano

The bending by AIADMK and BJP-led governments to vote-bank pressures in Tamil Nadu is regressive. It ignores the judgments of the Supreme Court.

Justice eludes

The decline in political discourse is evident in the language and imagery used by politicians to belittle their rivals. Judiciary has failed to rein in such people.

Panama Papers: Follow the paper trail

Centre must begin by disclosing which of the Panama Papers companies had been declared by their owners. Non-declaration must be prosecuted

A judge’s judge

Justice Iyer gave a purposive and expansive interpretation to the Constitution

Lay down standards of transparency

Appointments commission proposed by the UPA suffered from vices of both pre-1993 and existing systems.

A rail link, a pipe dream

We need to ask why government’s ambitious project to build a line to link Kashmir Valley with nation’s rail network remains besieged