Prakash Singh

The writer is chairman, Indian Police Foundation.

Articles By Prakash Singh

Helpless in Unnao

State institutions have been complicit in denying justice to the victim.

Any effort to strengthen national security without reforming the police would be futile

It is also high time that the government thinks of bringing police in the Concurrent List. Police problems were simpler and of a local nature when the Constitution was framed. Since then, the pattern of crime and the dimensions of law and order problems have undergone a sea change.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’s comments against Karkare raise questions on society’s attitude towards police

More than 35,000 policemen have sacrificed their lives since Independence. In no other country, policemen die in the performance of their duties in such large numbers. And yet, an average policeman finds that he is getting brickbats, proverbially and physically, most of the time.

Police reform is possible, but the political executive has failed to make it happen

It is indeed a tragedy that while the country is forging ahead in different spheres to build a new India, its policing remains mired in a colonial structure. The Acts passed by the states are crude attempts to circumvent the implementation of judicial directions.

Shadow boxing in Kolkata

In the recent showdown, both CBI and West Bengal police acted as pawns of their political masters.

Breaking the cage

The CBI needs to undergo structural reforms to do its job well.

Hold out an olive branch

Government today again holds upper hand vis a vis Naxals. It’s the best time to make peace

Towards a people’s police

The police force needs to be freed from the stranglehold of the executive and given functional autonomy to enforce the rule of law. The Supreme Court’s directions can help achieve this transformation.

A case of selective outrage

Kathua and Unnao incidents are barbaric, but calling these the darkest hour since Independence is an overstatement.

Fear and faith

Under Yogi government, Uttar Pradesh police has instilled fear in criminals. But has it won the people’s faith?

Give police its due

To enable the force, revisit the constitutional arrangement. Union government must also own its responsibility in the matter.

Lest 26/11 come

India needs to revamp its security architecture, reform and rejuvenate police forces

Reforms money can’t buy

The government’s grant for police modernisation must be followed by steps to grant the force autonomy from political masters.

A tragic trilogy

The protests over the arrest of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on August 25 actually led to heavier casualties within a much shorter span of time. There has been a terrible failure of leadership in Haryana at all levels — political, bureaucratic and police.

State of the Union

The most interesting chapter deals with 26/11. It clearly brings out that the Centre had not passed on any specific intelligence to the State, that the police had reacted promptly with their available resources, and that there was no serious lapse.

Internal insecurity

Amid growing challenges within, India misses a modern security apparatus, strategic vision, long-term plan

The Sukma syndrome

Absence of strategic clarity, over-dependence of states on Central forces, have crippled the fight against Maoists.

An uneasy force

Rumblings in the police ranks are a warning: Grievance redressal mechanisms need revisiting

Dear PM, India needs police reform

The thana, the first line of defence against terror, remains in a dismal state

Police Reformer Of India

Justice Sabharwal’s landmark judgment is being trifled with. SC must take note.