Prabhat Patnaik

The writer is former professor of economics at JNU, Delhi.

Articles By Prabhat Patnaik

More of the dismal same

The budget needed to break new ground, provide a thrust to a slowing economy. This budget lacks innovation.

The boundaries of welfare

Interim budget indicates that the government’s electoral strategy is to win over the ‘intermediate classes’ while ignoring the poor.

Missing the wood for the trees

Debate around RBI-government stand-off ignores the structural cause behind India’s economic woes: Interest rates as an instrument cannot achieve multiple, contradictory goals.

The equilibrium mirage

Government must intervene to control the slide of the rupee, stem its inflationary consequences.

Wisdom, For The People

Ashok Mitra’s achievements in both academia and public life made him exceptional

In the wake of Tripura

The Left is being pushed to the margins. It must mobilise secular, democratic elements to fight Hindutva forces

Site of Struggle

Accessible and lucid, Rajeev Dhavan’s book argues that the content of the Constitution is the product of multiple contestations

Salt to the wound

Government could have undone the damage of demonetisation through the budget. The opportunity has been missed in deference to the whims of global finance.

Why the Left matters

An electoral setback for the Left is a setback for the democratic revolution.