Petra Sorge

The writer is a Berlin-based journalist, working with ‘The Indian Express’ as a fellow of the Bosch Foundation programme ‘Media Ambassadors India-Germany’.

Articles By Petra Sorge

Angela Merkel’s Terror Test

Islamist terrorism is helping Germany’s right wing, and pushing its chancellor.

‘You have so beautiful white skin’: India and its problems with skin colour

You don’t get discriminated against because you are white; you get admired because you are white. And sometimes even molested.

Demonetisation: I suffered, then realised I was a rich foreigner with privileges

A visiting German journalist in India recounts the last one week when she struggled to exchange/withdraw old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

Not Mother Angela

She is hailed for saving refugees but Merkel is no moral answer to Donald Trump.

A German in an Indian newsroom: At least the hate mails are common

When I speak to my colleagues here and how they deal with abusive e-mails, posts on Facebook, or comments on Twitter, it already feels a bit like home.