Pawan Khera

The writer, a former political secretary to Sheila Dikshit, is with the Congress party.

Articles By Pawan Khera

Special to The Express: Sheila Dikshit knew how to take along rivals, within and outside

Sheila Dikshit loved the struggle, the challenge of transforming the city she grew up in her dharnas and protests. The workers of the party were full of fresh enthusiasm. Local leaders were cynical in their cautious response to her, writes Pawan Khera.

Where’s the big liberal idea?

The 2019 defeat puts a question mark on what we believe India stands for. The onus to find answers is not just on the Congress

How The Jote Jolted BJP

Congress-Left alliance is the coming together of non-cult political forces.

Aurangzeb vs Kalam

The renaming of a road is part of a wider pattern of strategic messaging by the NDA.

Imagining a silence,missing the point

The UPA has acknowledged the people’s right to be angry,and responded to it