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P Chidambaram is former Finance minister of India.

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Across the aisle: Mr Modi vs manifesto

Listen to any speech of Mr Modi. Apart from the usual quota of falsehoods and abuse of the Gandhi family, Mr Modi will launch into the Congress manifesto, erect imaginary ghosts and pretend to slay them. Mr Modi has realised the power of the ideas contained in the Congress manifesto

Across the aisle: A tale of two manifestos – between a Modi-centric and a people-sourced approach

The main reason for the difference that runs through all the pages of the two manifestos is the difference between a Modi-centric approach and a people-sourced approach. The BJP’s manifesto is limited by Mr Modi’s knowledge and his unwillingness to listen to wise men and women.

Across the aisle: Congress manifesto takes battle to BJP

The BJP has not released its manifesto yet. The first phase of polling is on April 11, barely four days from Sunday. I suspect that the BJP is revising its draft manifesto hurriedly to counter the Congress’s. That is good. Let the BJP engage in a battle of ideas.

Across the aisle: Nyay for the very poor

We can be legitimately proud that millions of people have escaped the vicious grip of poverty.

Across the aisle: Want managers, not just watchmen

Governance, under the BJP, has become a circus. There is a ringmaster, but there are no lions or tigers. The whip is cracked on lambs and rabbits.

Across the aisle: Mr Modi’s Balakot dream

The IAF belongs to the country and made every Indian proud. Pulwama was a failure of the government, Balakot was the success of the IAF, the retaliation by Pakistan the next day was another failure of the government.

The anti-national newspaper!

It is a mystery why the Prime Minister’s Office held parallel negotiations undermining the efforts of the INT. It is a mystery why the three anti-corruption clauses were deleted. It is a mystery why the payment security system was jettisoned... The facts point to an oblique purpose. The CAG had a duty to probe these mysterious aspects and bring out the truth. He failed the country.

Across the aisle: Muffled sounds of war drums

India does not need to get embroiled in a war. Unlike 1971, there is no pressure on India to go to the help of a restive province of Pakistan. Unlike Kargil, there is no attempt by Pakistan to grab Indian territory.

Across the aisle: Grief, anger but no wisdom

The JeM operates at two levels: one is by infiltrating terrorists into Indian territory and attacking specific targets. Examples are Pathankot, Uri and Nagrota. The other is by recruiting local youth and using them as suicide bombers.

In Rafale deal, key players were kept out of the loop

In the mist that envelops the Rafale deal, one thing is clear: the last word has not been said on the subject.

Across the Aisle: An account for votes!

If Rs 17 per day or Rs 2,000 as the first instalment is not a sufficient poverty-alleviating measure, what is it? In plain and simple language, it is cash for votes.

Across the Aisle: The importance of being Mr Gadkari

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the target was Mr Narendra Modi. If the BJP does not win an absolute majority or finds itself unable to form the government, it is believed that Mr Gadkari will challenge Mr Modi for the leadership of the party. 

Across the aisle: Ring out the old, ring in the new

A constituency has, on average, 250-300 polling stations. Hence, the chances of discovery of mischief are less than 1 per cent.

Across the aisle: Taking stock at beginning of year

Four months from today, a new government will be in office (according to the people’s verdict). Nothing that the present government will do between now and April 30 will alter the state of the economy radically.

Across the aisle: Nearly all Indians are poor

Is it the intention of the government to vastly expand the government at all levels. The government’s bluff will be called if another slice of the cake will be reserved even while the size of the cake remained the same

Across the aisle: It is ‘Fail’ on the report card

As I write this essay on Friday, the buzz is that among the measures under contemplation are interest-free crop loans and a cash transfer to small and medium farmers. Even if the government directs public sector banks to provide the money for crop loans, how will it find the money for cash transfers? The fiscal deficit at the end of November 2018 was 115 per cent of the target

Across the aisle: The year ends on a sombre note

Democracy will survive in India only if we restore the balance.

Across the Aisle: Rafale verdict and the unavoidable option

In case of Manohar Lal Sharma vs Narendra Damodardas Modi and other cases (Rafale deal cases) the judgment of the Supreme Court pronounced on December 14, 2018, will be remembered more for the questions that the Court did not decide than for the questions that were decided.

A hundred-day journey

They can live with poverty and betrayed promises of development, but they cannot live in a situation of perpetual conflict.

Across the Aisle: Will constitutional values survive elections?

The results of the elections will be conclusive for the people of the five states but will be inconclusive for the rest of the country.