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The Unmaking of Peace

The ceasefire violations across the LoC between India and Pakistan and the seeds of conflict they contain

By raking up INS Viraat, PM Modi has provided a reminder that we must ask questions of those who wield power

Looking back, one thing stands out: Enough questions were asked of Rajiv Gandhi when he was in power. Today, more questions are asked of the Opposition.

Explained: Why Maldives is worried after Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka

The growing hold of Wahhabism in Maldives, an idyllic tourist destination in the Indian Ocean, has been a worry for the country and the region as a whole. The Islamic nation, with a tiny population of 4,50,000, has been alarmed by how easily its youth have fallen prey to ISIS recruiters online.

UN’s blacklisting of Azhar to hit militants in J&K, says Governor

Malik said the UN listing of Azhar as a global terrorist would have a positive impact in curbing militancy in the Valley as Pakistan has already started taking action against Azhar by placing a freeze on his assets and restraining his movements.

Two Tamil Nadu preachers went to Sri Lanka, police track one, the other deported

The role of Tamil Nadu towheed groups in spreading their version of a “pure Islam” among Sri Lankan Muslims has come under the scanner after the Easter Sunday bombings that killed more than 250 people.

Explained: Why Sri Lanka has lifted the veil

An effort to get Muslim women to give up the niqab was already under way in the community. The ban may have made the community more vulnerable, fear Muslim civil society leaders.

Sharad Pawar: After polls, numbers may not be for one party, but we will sit together, elect a leader

My party is hardly contesting 25 seats. A party that is contesting 25 seats out of 543 cannot expect to form the government and lead one.

Sharad Pawar — fending off personal attacks, shouldering Cong-NCP alliance, standing tall against BJP

Drawing a parallel between his own stint as Defence Minister in the P V Narasimha Rao government and that by Yashwantrao Chavan after the 1962 war with China, he says it had always fallen upon the "Sahayadri (the Western Ghats) to defend the Himalayas".

Sri Lanka bomb blasts mastermind was radical preacher, on police radar

Zaharan Hashim, founder of National Towheeth Jamaath, was also one of the two suicide bombers who detonated themselves at the five-star Shangri La hotel in Colombo.

Easter attacks: Bombers had no crime record, Sri Lanka looks at home terror cell

Sri Lanka bomb blasts: No group has officially claimed responsibility for the attack. But a nationwide alert sent by police on April 11 specified that NJT was preparing to carry out attacks on churches and the Indian High Commission.

Explained: The prime suspects behind Sri Lanka bomb blasts on Easter Sunday

What is the background of the group suspected to have carried out the bombings? What jihadist impulses are brewing in Sri Lanka, and in the wider Indian Ocean region? Why were Christians targeted?

Easter mass murder: India sent alert, but why Sri Lanka’s guard was down

The Indian Express has learnt from two sources, one Indian and another Sri Lankan, that earlier this month, India passed on specific intelligence to Sri Lankan authorities that a terrorist attack was imminent there.

Explained: LoC trade, in perspective

India last week suspended the cross-LoC trade, alleging misuse of the facility by individuals linked to terrorist groups. How and when did this trade start, and what was it intended to achieve for India and Pakistan?

Vajpayee 2.0: New Kashmir needs a consensus that builds on legacy of former PM

Since 1947, Kashmir has remained India’s foremost national security challenge, the nature of the challenge changing with the decades.

Rukmini Callimachi explains: What the fall of the last ISIS village in Syria means

A three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and multiple award-winning journalist Rukmini Callimachi and currently foreign correspondent with The New York Times, draws on her experience covering ISIS to explain how far the loss of territory will restrict the group, but stresses that it continues to exist.

The land of the lost

A doomed love story that examines a fictional country’s descent into chaos.

It hardly matters that Masood Azhar has escaped once again

A 1267 listing of Masood Azhar would not have changed anything. Pakistan has to change in fundamental ways to stop using terror groups as instruments towards achieving its strategic objectives in India or Afghanistan.

Heard huge explosion, soldiers evacuated us: Jaish madrasa student in Balakot told relative

This is the first direct account to emerge from Madrasa Taleem-ul-Quran, a prominent Jaish-e-Mohammad seminary in the Balakot area — the target of the February 26 IAF strike — located on top of a ridge called Jabha Top.

Explained: Global diplomacy to de-escalate matters between India and Pakistan

Donald Trump claims US helped ease tensions. How have US, others intervened from behind the scenes in the past?

Explained: How a Prisoner of War must be treated

India has cited the Geneva Conventions while demanding the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan who is in Pak Army custody. What do the Geneva Conventions say about the rights of prisoners of war?