Nirupama Rao

The writer is a former foreign secretary and former Indian ambassador to the US and to China. She acknowledges the contribution of Adam Joseph, a Fulbright Scholar in India, in the research for this article

Articles By Nirupama Rao

A Tangled Web in the Himalayas

China is signalling it is ready to throw down the gauntlet and unwilling to countenance India as a determining factor in Bhutan’s external relations

Have the women spoken?

South Asia needs mutual accommodation in solving problems. It needs a feminist foreign policy.

Used by terror?

Let us, instead, learn from each instance — as also from our partners abroad — when terror strikes and institutionalise our responses more efficiently

‘Afghanistan needs to be addressed separately,outside the matrix of India-Pakistan relations’

The foreign secretary on India’s intentions in Afghanistan,the trust deficit with Pakistan and the way forward....