Nimmi Kurian

The writer is with the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi.

Articles By Nimmi Kurian

River Diplomacy On Test

Revoking the Indus water treaty could mean a loss of credibility for India.

Where India overlaps with China

As the SAARC summit showed,the era of exclusive regionalism is over — but conflict can still be wisely avoided

The rising waters of discontent

What could have led Myanmar’s leadership to suspend work on a Chinese-backed hydro-power project?

Middle Way or third way?

Tracking the new conversations in Tibetan politics.

Reading between the red lines

China’s response to Liu’s Nobel reveals the blurriness of being a dissident-intellectual

No more tickets to Beijing

An unusual call in China to reform the laws governing migrant workers.... Page Not Found

Simplistic narratives about Google and China miss the point....

China’s Chartists

The trial of a prominent dissident highlights this decade’s decisions for Beijing....

A forgotten 4,000 kilometres

There is more to the borderlands than flag meetings

China’s Vision 2012

After the anniversary bash,the focus will be on political succession

Harmony roads

China’s Party can’t see that thriving civil society lends it legitimacy....

China’s one-child success

China may be taking its first tentative baby steps to change its landmark one-child policy. In particular,Shanghai has indicated a relaxation in the policy by encouraging couples to have two children.

The ‘New Land’

China’s ethnic moment is here with a vengeance. This was nervously endorsed by President Hu Jintao’s decision...

Harmonious protest?

Twenty years after Tiananmen,China still can’t fathom dissent

Tibet’s silent spring

Tibetan New Year marks concerns about repression,the environment

Crying over spilt milk

As China celebrates its new year,signs of cautious openness

Bulls,bears in a China shop

Unemployment,discord,revenue crunches: a tough year ahead