Neelkanth Mishra

The writer is co-head of Asia Pacific Strategy and India Strategist for Credit Suisse.

Articles By Neelkanth Mishra

Large disinvestments could help bridge fiscal shortfall and maintain government spending growth

The government needs to take a decisive approach on the financial architecture in India: It needs to take an axe to the system, as a scalpel will no longer suffice.

Opening a window

Budget takes a calculated risk to fund part of borrowings through foreign currency bonds

How to use the mandate

New government should utilise its enormous political capital to introduce economic reforms

Reviving growth requires better coordination between fiscal and monetary policies

The constraints in the financial system have further worsened the monetary tightness. As growth continues to slow and inflation stays below the target, interest rates may keep falling, but likely not fast enough to revive growth quickly.

Managing the stimulus

The income transfer scheme was the highlight of the budget. But its success will need deft manoeuvring.

An agenda for energy

India needs to bring structural changes, reset targets, influence global policy and choices.

India’s Dutch disease?

With volatility in global currency markets up again, debate on rupee’s correct value has restarted

The missing learning curve

We need to build institutional memory, improve decision-making. Let’s start with data

Beyond the farm

Recent surveys suggest a sharp drop in agricultural employment. What must the government do?

Cash is medieval, cards break vicious economic cycles

Cards provide better security and don’t face the problem of providing change.

Risk and some disorder

There had been a clamour for radical reforms. Demonetisation shows what real reforms feel like.

Fools rush in

GST is a reform long delayed. But there may be good reason not to hurry it through now.

Paradox of plenty

Farm incomes may not revive despite good monsoon. There are new challenges for policymakers.

Modi government @2: Reassess the report card

They ignore the extremely high risk of an attempt at privatisation being effectively stillborn, unacceptable to state governments.

The Uday plug-in

Why criticism of the Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana is misplaced and unwarranted.

The merits of fiscal prudence

By sticking to the fiscal consolidation roadmap, the Union budget has obviated instability. The focus should now be on state capitals, whose budgets need greater market scrutiny

Why yuan matters

Indian equity markets are turbulent due to high foreign ownership and the renminbi uncertainty

Lies and the Sensex

Why popular stockmarket indices are not an accurate barometer of the robustness of the Indian economy.

At stake, in Bihar

The election results in the state will impact the Indian economy’s prospects.

The big bond reform

RBI raising limits for foreign investors holding government bonds is more significant than the rate cut.