N.K. Singh

The writer, a former Rajya Sabha MP from the JD(U), is a member of the BJP.

Articles By N.K. Singh

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The great balancer

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s economic policies often faced resistance from his party. With wit and sagacity, he resolved many a contradiction.

Balancer Of Contradictions

TSR could be creative without breaking rules of the game, disturbing equilibrium

Pro-growth, pro-poor

By unearthing black money, demonetisation has widened the government’s revenue base, giving it more resources for welfare projects.

For Bihar’s sake

Financial rectitude and development focus are the USP of both Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar. They have work to do together

Return of Nitish and BJP is not déjà vu, it is a full circle

Nitish Kumar joining hands with the BJP is very good as the party consolidates its position in a part of the country in which it hasn’t done well recently… this is a huge plus for the BJP in enlarging its reach in the East India circuit-board

The Three Year Agenda

For the Niti Aayog’s initiative to be an improvement on the Five Year Plan, pragmatic moves, such as delinking planning from finance, will be required.

States of inequality

Economic disparity among and within regions is on the rise. This growing divergence needs policy intervention

An unfinished agenda of federalism

Efforts at Centre-state cooperation are visible. They need to be strengthened.

State of fits and starts

Controversy over Bihar special package is needless. It is a determined push to improve outcomes.

Special category status is overrated

It is an instrument that has outlived its relevance and utility.

When credit is due

Historically,Bihar has protested against the persistent neglect by banks.

Of accounts and accountability

In India,the CAG is only an ex-post auditor,not an investigating agency. It needs to be strengthened further.

Against the foodgrain

We cannot afford to hasten slowly on a food security law.

Preparing the ground

Land is going to be a looming problem as our economy matures. Here are five considerations that should guide acquisition policy

On disinvestment,make haste slowly

The UPA’s renewed commitment to disinvestment is significant — but it must be bold....

The compulsions of Copenhagen

One of the major issues engaging our policy makers is the forthcoming Copenhagen meeting on global warming and climate change.