Minxin Pei

The writer is professor of government and non-resident senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the US.

Articles By Minxin Pei

Bad news from Beijing

Capital flight, at a rate of about $100 billion a month, threatens to deplete China’s hoard of $3.23 trillion in foreign exchange reserves in a couple of years.

For Barack Obama and Xi Jinping, a pause, not a turning point

For now, Obama and Xi have given their best shot to stabilising ties. But the long-term outlook for US-China remains cloudy.

If Xi stumbles

Even the slightest perception of vulnerability is politically risky. He needs to change the subject in China.

The same bad movie

Currency devaluation is the latest example of Chinese leaders’ misplaced faith in the power of the state

The show chugs along

Outcomes from Modi’s China visit are not spectacular. But they are substantial.

When Mr Narendra Modi goes to China

Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping can lay the foundations for a stable Sino-Indian relationship.

In China, like Singapore

Chinese leaders have tried to imitate, not always accurately, Lee Kuan Yew’s statecraft.

What Modi could learn from Deng

Keep a low profile while growing your strength. Keep the focus on domestic development

No endgame in Hong Kong

Beijing is likely to restore order in the short term. But does it have a long-term solution to the crisis of governability?

Beyond sweet talk and tempting deals

To gain India’s trust, Xi Jinping needs to follow his words of reassurance with concrete action

BRICS building

The long-term challenges to its success are geopolitical rather than economic

Just a coronation

Why its becoming economy No 1 is not causing excitement, within China or outside.

Deciphering Modi

For now, Beijing will listen to what he says, watch what he does.

Killing tigers in China

Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive differs from his predecessors’ attempts.

The not so peaceful rise of China

Tactically,China’s recent moves vis-a-vis Japan are brilliant. Strategically,Beijing has lost more.

Xi’s new moves

But the US is underwhelmed by his call for a new great power relationship

The here and Mao

Xi Jinping retrieves an obsolete prescription for a much changed party.

Rumour has it

A chill descends on China’s social media

China’s favourite country club

G-20 places no obligations on economic,political fronts,lets Beijing’s leadership look good on a global stage

Beijing and the bubble

China's government may be in denial about the credit crisis