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mini-kapoorMini Kapoor is Contributing Editor at The Indian Express

Articles By Mini Kapoor

The Jury is Out: What agenda do book prizes serve?

In his comic novel, Lost for Words, the much shortlisted and awarded Edward St Aubyn draws a profile of a jury that cannot but bring to mind parallels with the Man Booker Prize.

Ulysses and the revolutions it set off in literature

The publishing history of Ulysses reminds us that what makes Joyce’s book difficult is a facet of what makes it liberating.

What is it about football that enriches us

With the football alone, you may not be able to fully comprehend the “moments of grace” in the stadiums of Brazil.

The Unknown Truth

A debut novel of great beauty that reveals its brilliance upon each reading

Must read: the edible atlas that celebrates everyday food

What a cuisine tells you about its provenance.

How to distil a mandate

We need to talk about what needs to change, and what doesn’t, about our electoral system

That space of hush and chatter

K.D. Singh ran a bookshop that allowed and nurtured the discovery of books.

Top of the mind: Whose Beautiful Game?

This summer in Brazil, keep an eye out for the message from beyond the field of play, in the stands and on the streets.

Top of the Mind: Sherpas and the Summit

The Everest story must be re-assessed to give Sherpas their due — because they are there.

Rehabilitating T20

India has to square up to the full breadth of its influence on cricket. IPL 2014 is the place to begin.

More than the sum of its runs

For the Test to fulfil its potential for great cricket,teams must be given more time to prepare.

Well Played,Mate

Ricky Ponting’s straight-talking account offers a glimpse into the mind of a great sportsperson.

A Perfect Match

A new anthology of cricket writings shows how each spectator’s reading of the game gives cricket its special place.

The none of the above party

The interesting question is: how will a party born of a protest movement that claimed to be free of party politics and politicians now transact power?

The Bookstores are Not Dead

After all,where else can you browse?

Talking across the aisles

Legislatures across the world have become arenas of partisan deadlock.

Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell's latest book is a disjointed rehash of already-learnt life lessons.

Top of the mind: Joining the Dots

Guess what? We may be smarter than we had thought.

Top of the mind. How’s That

This winter,grab a reminder of cricket’s long arc in the West Indies.

Sachin’s next innings

After a great playing career,he still has some dues to pay to cricket.