Markandey Katju

The writer, a former Supreme Court judge, is former chairman, Press Council of India.

Articles By Markandey Katju

Limits Of A Verdict

Decriminalising homosexuality may not remove the social stigma around it

Unfair House

Parliament condemned my statements on Gandhi and Bose without giving me a hearing, writes Markandey Katju.

Keeping the statute quo

The judgments on the Representation of the People Act stray into legislative terrain

How not to be a journalist

As in the case of lawyers and doctors,a formal qualification must be prescribed for journalists

India,in transition and corrupt

Corruption will continue till the country’s industrialisation is complete

Ten ways of being foolish

90 per cent of Indians have an unscientific temper. The facts bear it out

The 90%

The unpleasant truth: 90 per cent of Indians are fools

Recreating Frankenstein’s monster

Both versions of the Lokpal bill are unworkable. If passed,it may increase corruption

Bharat Ratna Ghalib

Giving it to socially irrelevant cricketers,filmstars is a mockery

Press freedom must be examined

The intellectual level of the vast majority of Indians is very low,and the media is pandering to it

Why our media is anti-people

TV and print avoid real issues,focusing on glamour and cricket instead